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Founded in 1944, Kia Corporation is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Today, they are part of the Hyundai Motor Group, the world’s fifth-largest vehicle manufacturer.



Streamlined onboarding and contract management

Through the collaboration with Scrive and Sweet, Kia has digitalised the frame agreement process for their Swedish resellers, dramatically reducing administration, shortening lead times from weeks to a day and driving a better customer experience.


Kia was in need of streamlining the handling of framework agreements for its many dealers around Sweden. Creating agreements with B2B customers was a manual process that involved several time-consuming steps, including data collection from several different sources and signatures from several different parties, with the associated lead times of sending contracts by post. There was also a lack of a clear overview of contract status, and information retrieval was a long process with several manual steps, leaving room for manual errors in the contracts.

Kia had a number of steps they wanted to automate:

  • Retrieve group structure and company information
  • Gather information about the customer’s car fleet, both Kia’s and the total car fleet (which is the basis for both expansion potential and how the discount is calculated)
  • Opportunity for the reseller to distribute agreements to the head office for approval through automation and then on to the customer


The starting point was to facilitate information management and create a fast and smooth onboarding for B2B customers with an automated contract flow. Thanks to Sweet Digital Forms, all Kia resellers can complete the entire onboarding and contract process from start to finish, all in one digital flow.

The business flow integrates business intelligence functions and, thanks to automated information retrieval, displays data like the company’s group structure in real time without manual input. This gives resellers all the data they need for each unique deal. When all the necessary information is in place, the signing flow is created through Scrive, which can then be followed in real time, with the contract being sent to each party in the correct order to be signed.


Through the collaboration with Scrive and Sweet, the following have been achieved for Kia:

Shortened lead times for contract signing. In theory, a contract can be signed in a couple of minutes, but realistically a signing takes about 24 hours. Before the new digital flow, the lead time was several weeks, with contracts administered manually and sent by post.

This gives Kia much shorter lead times in the buying process, as a new or updated framework agreement is often a prerequisite for being able to order a new car. And contract managers at Kia Sweden save several hours each week in reduced administration.

  • A fully digitalised flow for framework agreements
  • More efficient onboarding with customised flows
  • Automatic signing and better overview of contract status
  • Possibility of one-way calculator discounts on vehicles and accessories
  • Minimal manual data entry (previously manual errors were over 10%)
  • Assurance that company policies are followed by everyone

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