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Now that Pleo’s integration with Scrive has been up and running for a while, they’ve seen a 33% increase in successfully onboarded customers in Denmark. With other national eIDs, as well as a few independent ones, already integrated into their systems they’re confident this will continue to aid them in their growth across Europe.

“I just got the numbers in, and I can see that there are now 33 percent more who reach through our identification process because we could add a solution that suited the Danish market.”
Paulo Unia, Senior Engineering Manager at Pleo

How Pleo works

Built on the idea that claiming expenses has historically been harder than it needs to be, Pleo looks to bring a modern spending solution to forward-thinking teams. No more expense reports or tedious admin. Simply give Pleo cards to the people in your team that need to buy stuff to do their best work.

Find our more about Pleo on their website and on their blog.

Challenge - Compliance vs CX

Being digital and streamlined is built into Pleo’s DNA so the idea of the business exploring e-signing and digital identity verification shouldn’t be a surprising one.

However, the initial reason for looking into a solution like Scrive was not simply for the purposes of further digitalisation. Working within the world of fintech, Pleo is no stranger to compliance and regulation so when new rules were introduced, forcing them to implement another layer of identification into their customer onboarding process, they went looking for the best solution to bridge this gap.

When looking for the right solution, one of the most important things for Pleo’s team was usability. It had to be intuitive enough so that any user could pick it up and know how to use it immediately, without slowing down the onboarding process while still maintaining a high level of security.

Solution - eID Hub

Paulo Unia, Pleo’s Senior Engineering Manager, was part of looking into the technical side of the solution, once the compliance team had chosen Scrive as their preferred vendor and as a software engineer himself, Paulo had his fair share of questions.


“Daria from Scrive’s support team was super kind and patient, especially considering that as an engineer I was very demanding.”
Paulo Unia, Senior Engineering Manager at Pleo

According to Paulo, Scrive’s eID Hub has become the last line of defence for Pleo when unscrupulous individuals or bots try to hack the platform and start fraudulent accounts. Choosing the right product also came down to scalability. Pleo has been in a period of high growth for the past years and is not looking to slow down. In order to keep up the rate of customer acquisition, they inevitably need to expand to new markets and this can carry with it its own set of challenges. With Scrive, however, Paulo sees a big part of this problem vanishing.

“Scrive makes my job so much easier! Having the ability to scale to a growing number of countries with one integration rather than having to work on a new integration for weeks or months for each eID is what makes me crazy about your product.”

Paulo Unia
Senior Engineering Manager at Pleo

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