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About Repeatly A/S Leasing

Repeatly Leasing A/S is part of the Formula Group, who has imported Ferrari and Maserati in Denmark since 1987. Today they have more than 100 employees. The combination of solid ownership and a consultative approach towards the clients is what makes Repeatly unique. Repeatly Leasing opened its doors on 1 October 2018 and the leasing consultants have become the favourite of many since.

A high-end customer experience for a
high-end car purchase

Offering more high-end cars than many of their competitors, Repeatly knew they had to offer an experience that matched the expectations of their customers when it came to the overall experience of leasing a car.

One of the first things they realised needed to change was their reliance on paper. Once the customer had made up their mind in regards to what car they wanted, they wanted to quickly get in and drive away in their new purchase. This was slowed down by having to go through a big stack of paperwork, a slow manual process which didn’t give off the same feeling of luxury as the cars themselves.

Scrive, being no strangers to the automotive industry, were an obvious and simple choice to solve this issue with electronic signatures and eID verification as part of the credit check process.

Speed is of the essence

Seeing as many customers come in with very specific requests and requirements, Repeatly have to ensure they can quickly scour German car markets for the right model and get an offer on the table within 24 hours. The speed required for this would be unattainable with paper-based processes or even traditional PDFs, meaning an electronic signing solution is needed to keep up the pace.

A fast rollout was also important to Repeatly when they decided to adopt a more digital approach so when Scrive was able to roll out the solution in no more than a month, it was clear that the two businesses were a perfect fit.

Taking a long manual process and reducing it to a few clicks, reducing error rates significantly, has been a huge benefit for both the company and their customers who have welcomed the change.

With numerous customers returning repeatedly, as well as recommending Repeatly to others, having this improvement to the customer experience is sure to inspire even more brand loyalty and repeat business in years to come.


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