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Riddermark Bil

Riddermark Bil is Sweden’s largest marketplace for used cars, selling over 25.000 used cars in 2021. With several large facilities in Stockholm, they help private individuals and companies to sell, exchange and buy used cars.



Case in numbers:

signatures in 2021
cars sold in 2021

The story

Always looking to innovate and improve, Riddermark has put a lot of effort into developing better ways for their customers to buy and sell their cars. This has been a priority from the start but in the pandemic, the urgency and importance of this initiative rose to an all time high.

Their digitalisation journey started quite some time before this, being introduced to Scrive through their financing partner DNB. While Scrive was initially used primarily for Riddermark’s financing agreements, it quickly spread to other document processes. Starting with the car purchasing agreement it has since been used to digitalise every type of agreement possible, most recently work orders and service agreements in Riddermark’s workshops.

This has not only sped up their processes and eliminated the need for manual paper-based administration but also given a much better overview and insight into Riddermark’s agreements. Idalina Santamäki‌, Riddermark Bil’s Head of Quality & Communications mentioned this as a specific aspect she utilises every day.

The convenience of not having to search for paper documents as well as the added insight provided by this overview has benefitted not only Idalina but individual salespeople, sales managers and the finance team at Riddermark Bil, all of which are able to quickly and accurately find exactly the data they need, when they need it.

It also prevents costly errors like sending a financing agreement that has been incorrectly filled in or even forgetting to send the agreement altogether, which was a risk when working with paper.

From challenge to opportunity

The two sides of Riddermark Bil’s business, those selling used cars and those buying them to resell, were both hit with a challenge in the Covid-19 pandemic. People still wanted to buy and sell cars but there were limitations and health risks involved in getting each person to bring their car to the lot. Implementing digital agreements led to a superior experience for both regular customers and companies who are looking for a quick and safe way to both sell and buy their vehicles.

The challenge of selling and buying cars remotely quickly turned into an opportunity as more people and companies enjoyed the convenience of having their car picked up by a chauffeur and receiving the payment right away. This service grew in popularity so quickly that Riddermark Bil now uses over 120 chauffeurs who pick up a car, somewhere in Sweden, every 7 minutes! The offered flexibility and speed makes Riddermark Bil Sweden’s largest buyer of used cars from private persons.

For Riddermark Bil as a business, Scrive’s solution adds a layer of security along with the aforementioned convenience. Ensuring contracts are filled in and filed correctly, making sure customers’ identities are verified and of course preventing potential problems with high value goods like cars, are all elements of this. Now, if a Riddermark Bil customer wants to take a car for a test drive, they sign and identify with Scrive beforehand. This has led to a superior experience for everyone involved and the feedback has followed suit.


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