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Digitalising used car financing



Handlarfinans: a digital-first approach

Handlarfinans is dedicated to helping used car dealers in Sweden with inventory financing to boost their success. On its mission to support the growth of the second-hand market, Handlarfinans knew the business had to be digital from day one. That’s where Scrive came in.

The Scrive solution

In order to keep the process as smooth and efficient as possible, Handlarfinans uses Scrive’s eSign solution both when signing financing agreements as well as offering it to the dealers when selling cars to their customers. Every month, Handlarfinans processes and signs over 5000 agreements through Scrive, across their 500 dealers.

“We got in touch with Scrive early as our business idea is largely dependent on digital agreements. We are in a very contract-intensive industry and being able to sign quickly and safely at a distance is the key to effectively helping our customers.“
Axel Nordblom, CEO at Handlarfinans

Partners in digitalisation and growth

Handlarfinans sees Scrive as not only an essential part of their service but also as part of their own growth plans. Expansion to other countries, they explain, is much simpler with a partner focused on breaking down the barriers of pan-European trade. This presents itself both in the nature of digitalisation but also in Scrive’s eID integrations.

Already up and running in Finland with Scrive, Handlarfinans also sees a huge benefit across both markets from the compliance, legal and anti-fraud focus of Scrive’s solutions. With the automotive industry carrying a lot of risk, this presents a significant opportunity for Handlarfinans to stand out and offer an even better and safer service to their customers, while also protecting themselves.

“Scrive has the market’s most credible and trusted solution. It is fast, secure and easy to build into systems and platforms.”
Axel Nordblom, CEO at Handlarfinans


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