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Volkswagen Group

Digitalising processes across both internal operations and reseller networks reduced administration while driving customer experience.


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Digitalising complex processes

Reduction in administration time

With all documents digitalised, administration was centralised and simplified.

Agreements signed annually

Since setting up Scrive’s solution, Volkswagen has rolled it out to almost all of their resellers across Sweden and enabled them to centralise their administration, virtually eliminating errors in the process.

"If we hadn't worked with you guys on this, we would have been stuck with a process that wouldn't meet customer demand or expectations at all."

Alexander André Manager Business & System Development | Sales, Volkswagen Group Sverige AB

Volkswagen collaborated with their resellers via paper. Once a car was sold, paper copies had to be mailed to the head office for the reseller to get paid.

Not only was this a slow process, but contracts would get lost or have to be sent back repeatedly in order to rectify mistakes. This might even require getting customers back into the dealership in order to fill in additional information; not an ideal scenario for anyone involved.

The next step was switching from mailing paper copies to scanning them and sending the scans. Problems with errors persisted, seeing as paper contracts won’t notify you that you’ve made mistakes filling them in. 

Approximately 10% of scanned contracts needed to be sent back at least once, and considering that 400.000 agreements are signed across VW’s various resellers annually, that’s about 40.000 contracts that suffered from these delays.

On top of these delays, VW knew they had to update their processes in order to keep up with customer expectations. According to Alexander André, Manager of Business & Analysis, “If we hadn’t worked with you guys on this, we would have been stuck with a process that wouldn’t meet customer demand or expectations at all.”

Paperless means error-free
Paperless means error-free

With 400.000 agreements signed every year, 10% were previously sent back with errors. With the new process in place, this is no longer the case.

Improved reseller & customer experience
Improved reseller & customer experience

Not only did the new process help centralise, and therefore minimise, administration time, it sped up delivery and payment for all parties.

Internal processes
Internal processes

Once Volkswagen Group saw the benefits of the solution in the field, they found numerous use cases internally to streamline processes across the organisation.

Car sales contract, Scrive eSign

Volkswagen Group needed a partner to guide them through automating complex processes, for the benefit of customers, resellers and employees.

Initially, Scrive was one of several vendors considered to help automate and streamline VW’s financing and sales processes, but a few key factors helped make it an easy choice. 

One was the open API, which enabled the solution to be fully integrated. Another was the evidence quality, a factor highly emphasized by VW’s legal team, as well as Scrive’s ability to limit potential fraud with digital signatures secured by blockchain and eID verification. On a less technical level, both Alexander André and Ulrik Persson called out the communication and relationship with Scrive’s team as playing a major role in the decision. 

The integration of Scrive’s technology has not only enabled VW to better serve their customers, it’s also being used for internal processes. This includes an initiative within Skoda to offer bikes to their staff as well as other day-to-day processes. Ulrik mentioned that Scrive’s team had been instrumental in providing education for all those who needed it to ensure full adoption of the solutions at all levels.

Car sales contract, Scrive eSign

How it works:

  • Any time a customer wants to buy a car or apply for financing, the agreement is entirely digital. It was important to VW to digitalise the whole process to offer a consistent process for superior customer experience. E.g., if a customer wants to transfer their contract to someone else, this now takes a day instead of the several weeks it did before!
  • The forms won’t allow you to proceed without filling in the necessary information, eliminating the error rate experienced with paper contracts.
  • For security and evidence quality, the process allows for eID verification of the signing parties. This is particularly important both on the financing side and in the event that an agreement is taken to court.
  • With this digital approach, resellers with multiple dealerships were able to centralise their administration, reducing by half the time required to process each agreement.

Operational efficiency, security and customer experience

With the use of Scrive’s solutions for both eID verification and e-signing, Volkswagen was able to not only minimise errors and get rid of paper in their processes, but also reduce administration time and streamline both internal and customer-facing processes.


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