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Scrive helped WAP boost fundraising with one simple but crucial improvement to the donor onboarding flow


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Making it easier for people
to follow their hearts

Scrive helped WAP boost fundraising with one simple but crucial improvement to the donor onboarding flow


The practicalities of creating a better world

The issue WAP was facing was not about inspiring new donors, but how to better retain existing ones. It wasn’t a matter of the heart, but one of banking practicalities, which finally boils down to personal convenience.

Online donations by individuals is a major source of WAP’s support. People typically donate by signing up for a monthly pledge on the WAP web site. Donors can choose to pay using credit card or Autogiro (direct debit). But most choose credit card because it’s easier to set up, as Autogiro involves printing, signing, and returning a paper agreement.

However, credit card donors are more likely to drop out of their monthly donations than direct debit donors. Why?

For the simple reason that credit card payments are far more prone to disruption. Cards expire, or get replaced unexpectedly due to fraud, loss, and theft. When this happens, it’s easy to forget to update our card with every merchant.

But the same is not true for direct debit. So WAP needed a way to encourage Autogiro payments. And they needed a way for donors to set it up on their mobile devices as well as on their computers.

WAP needed an eSign solution, and that’s where Scrive came in to make a difference.


WAP challenges


Donors naturally opted for the payment method easiest to set up – not optimal for continuity

Donor churn
Donor churn

Credit card disruptions (expiration) made it easy for donors to forget to renew their pledge


Autogiro payments required signing and returning a paper authorisation


The difference convenience can make

The picture changed when WAP started using Scrive eSign. Scrive’s API made it easy to embed electronic signatures seamlessly into the donation flow of the WAP web site.

When online donors could authorize direct debit payments without paper, from any device, the results were immediately clear: in 2016 WAP saw a 15% increase in the number of monthly donors.

Scrive is proud to be part of helping to secure the continuity of WAP’s work because these numbers have a very tangible real-world impact.

In 2016, WAP:

  • Saved 250,000 Mongolian farm animals from extreme freezing conditions
  • Stopped TripAdvisor from promoting and profiting from cruel wildlife entertainment held in Pakistan

The eSign difference

Easy integration
Easy integration

Scrive’s eSign API made it easy to embed e-signing into the WAP web site donation flow


Donors can pledge with Autogiro directly from their mobile phone – no printing and mailing


Enabling Autogiro payments with e-signing means more new donors and fewer dropouts


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