GodHjälp launches food delivery program to combat Covid-19

The GoodCause Foundation, with the participation of Scrive and several other partners, has acted quickly to launch GodHjälp (GoodHelp), a food and pharmacy delivery program to slow the spread of Covid-19.

In an effort to reduce Covid-19 contagion and save lives, the GodHjälp partners took just one week to launch godhjä, a web site that will connect volunteers throughout Sweden with Home Heroes – people in high-risk groups who are making the personal sacrifice of staying home in order to prevent overloading the healthcare system.

GodHjälp has been developed in close collaboration with the Norrsken Foundation within the framework of their Action Against Corona initiative. It began with Netlight’s consulting team, who built the service, and a generous donation of 1 million SEK from the H&M Foundation. Vinge is providing pro bono legal services, while Microsoft is donating cloud services. Hemköp & Willys, COOP, Lidl and Bergendahls are all spreading the message about GoodHelp in their channels.

Scrive, for its part, is helping ensure the security of the program by providing free online identity verification checks using BankID. “It’s a privilege to be able to make a meaningful contribution at this critical time”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede, “when so many of us feel at a loss about how to help.”

“I’m very impressed at how quickly and decisively GodHjälp and all their partners have identified the need and acted to provide a very practical solution to meet it.”

The GodHjälp site is already up and running for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, or anyone in a risk group who wants to apply for assistance. The delivery service should be running within a week. To learn about other Action Against Corona initiatives, visit the Norrsken Foundation.