Learn about e-signing and eID

Scrive’s pop-up academy is adding new learning opportunities every week. The following schedule of current offerings is being updated regularly.

Scrive’s professors are geeks about better businesses processes, specifically yours. They’re not interested in vague theories about digitalisation. The emphasis is on concrete, industry-specific examples of how your organisation can digitalise operations. Not in the distant future, but now.


How to Manage your Scheduling & Employment Agreements

Scrive’s Jill Persson and host GaiaDigits Inc.‘s Zack Zhang discuss the technologies behind the business forecast and data quality, including the factors affected by workforce scheduling. Learn how Scrive stores and protects data.

Recording here (30 minutes)


Digital HR: More important than ever

Webinar hosted by Scrive partner Sympa HR will show how digital HR can transform your organisation’s way of working, with practical examples on getting started. Scrive legal counsel Sebnem Erener joins Sympa’s Jaakko Mattila and Bjørnar Johansen

Recording here (30 minutes)


E-sign for Salesforce: How to optimise your business processes

3-part webinar series hosted by Cloudity featuring Scrive’s Ivan Wrede will cover:

  • Session 1: How e-signing brings control and speed to your sales cycles
  • Session 2: Getting started with Scrive for Salesforce
  • Session 3: Advanced Scrive features in Salesforce

Session 1: Recording here (45 mins)

Session 2: Recording here (45 mins)

Session 3: Recording here (45 mins)


Digitally transforming identity and signatures

Digital identity has never been more important. It’s the foundation of your customer relationship, and a lot is riding on it. In this webinar, Onfido and Scrive will discuss how anchoring users to a real identity at sign-up can enable a successful and secure, legally-binding electronic signature solution.

Recording here (45 mins)