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Lime Technologies har mere end 30 års erfaring med at hjælpe kunderne med at strømline deres daglige drift. Gennem skræddersyede CRM’er bliver det daglige arbejde lettere og sjovere.

Lime CRM


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Lime Technologies

Founded in 1990, Lime Technologies has more than 30 years of experience helping customers streamline their daily operations. With nine offices and 350 employees, Lime is one of the largest CRM suppliers in the Nordics. Everything is performed inhouse – development, sales, implementation, support – and every system is given its unique twist. Through tailored CRMs, everyday work becomes easier and more fun.

Scrive for Lime CRM

Scrive’s award-winning sales enablement tool shortens sales cycles, achieves greater control and visibility over sales processes and enhances customer experience. Send sales contracts and other documents for signing directly from your Lime CRM web client. Enhance your pipeline management and forecast accuracy through transparency and automation.

Quick and easy

When it’s time to sign the sales contract or other agreements, a few quick clicks gets them in front of your customer, all ready to be signed. Real-time monitoring of the signing process tells you where your contracts are and when they are due so your sales team can focus on the most important thing: closing deals.

Sign wherever you are

In today’s world, remote access is more important than ever. Work with anyone, no matter where they are or where you are. Send, sign and manage contracts and other documents on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Empower your own remote teams and your customers too.

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Securely identify your customers

Make sure the right person is receiving and signing your documents with PIN by SMS or integrated electronic identification (eID). Securely authenticating your customers with a quick and seamless process adds a higher level of security for yourself and your customers. Scrive supports eIDs throughout the Nordics and a growing number of European countries, as well as global identity document verification through Onfido.

Improve customer loyalty

Get customer relationships right from the beginning by offering a quick, secure and intuitive e-signing experience that will make your customers’ lives easier. At the same time, drive brand awareness by customising the signing pages with your logo, colours and custom messaging. The 100% digital process means no printing, scanning or posting; after everyone has signed, each party receives their own signed, digitally-sealed copy of the contract.

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