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Scrive for Microsoft Teams

Enhance collaboration by e-signing documents from your Teams workspace

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app built for hybrid work so you and your team stay informed, organized, and connected — all in one place. Teams brings together chats, video calls, secure meetings, files, tasks, document collaboration, calendar and built-in cloud storage.

Scrive for MS Teams

Scrive makes it easy to get your agreements signed right from your Microsoft Teams workspace. The Scrive eSign app eliminates manual tasks and shortens your document signing lead times. No paper, no scanning, no logging into a different tool to do your work. Just select a Teams file, a Scrive template or upload a document for signing, then manage it all from where you’re already working and collaborating.

Wherever you work

Enhance productivity by getting legally-binding agreements signed quickly regardless of where or how you and your signing parties work. Scrive lets you send, sign and manage your documents on any connected device: desktop workstation, laptop, phone, tablet. Collaborate from anywhere – at the office, from home or on the go.

Templates to save you time

Speed up your work, cut out manual tasks and eliminate errors by creating templates for your standardised agreements. You can also save your workflow settings together with the document so the same process is followed every time you send that document for signing. For example, the document may require an approval by the same person before the recipient can sign it, or it may need a pre-set deadline to ensure that it gets signed within a required time period.

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Visibility into your signing processes

Real-time monitoring means you never have to wonder about the status of your document – if it’s been open, reviewed, signed. See at a glance what’s going on, and never waste time on manual follow-up tasks and bothering your signing parties trying to find out.

Document management made easy and secure

Once your document has been signed, all parties receive a copy by email or SMS, and yours will be automatically saved to your Scrive E-archive, where you can view and access all your documents, regardless of status. If you want to store your signed documents to a different location, it’s easy to set up auto-archiving to the cloud storage of your choice.

Signing party authentication

Protect your signing processes by making sure only authorised people can view and sign your agreements. Identity verification is integrated into the Scrive eSign service, enabling a low-friction experience for both you and your signatories. Just select your authentication options when preparing your document, and your signatories can securely identify themselves when they sign the document, right within the signing flow. Scrive supports a growing suite of digital identity services across the Nordics, Baltics and Europe, including BankID, Smart-ID and MitID.

Reminders and deadlines

Save time and avoid having to manually reach out to your signatories by setting up automated reminders and deadlines. Has your recipient still not signed after x days? They’ll get a nudge with your custom message. Does your document need to be signed by a certain date or within a set time period? Set a deadline for when the document will be withdrawn so it is no longer available for signing.

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