Scrive partners with Creditro to fight fraud and automate onboarding

Scrive integration to Creditro

The integration of the Scrive electronic signature service into Creditro’s anti-fraud and compliance solutions enables Creditro’s customers to offer a faster, digital onboarding process to their customers.


Stockholm, October 15 2020

Scrive today announced a partnership with Creditro, the Danish fin/regtech company, to allow Creditro’s customers to offer the electronic signing of consent forms and other agreements needed for onboarding customers and running KYC processes. 

Creditro’s innovative service protects its customers against credit risks as well as fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes by not only analysing a range of parameters for suspicious activity and trends, but by dynamically monitoring these factors to provide their customers with regularly updated data.

With the Scrive electronic signing tool, users of Creditro compliance can now look forward to a complete onboarding process: e-signing agreements, KYC processes and credit/fraud checks all happen in one digital flow. This is what true digitalisation looks like.

“To help Creditro’s customers provide the best experience to their customers, Scrive facilitates an onboarding process as seamless and convenient as the Creditro service itself”, says Scrive Partner Manager Ronny Hilton. “Customers applying for credit or undergoing a KYC process can get started quickly and on the spot by signing all the necessary agreements digitally, on any device. And Scrive’s service simplifies Creditro’s customers’ internal operations by eliminating paper and admin tasks. We help them reduce costs while making it easy to securely manage the signed agreements.” 

“We have chosen to collaborate with Scrive because we see a market with a big demand for complete, integrated solutions”, says Creditro CEO Peter Hauge Jensen. “Creditro is already working on credit ratings, anti-money laundering and compliance. Many customers want to digitally sign agreements and other documents related to our ‘know your customer’ processes. The choice of Scrive was natural: it is a large yet agile company, and together we look forward to a long-term, global collaboration.”


About Scrive
A leader in digitalisation since 2010, Scrive’s cloud-based platform provides agreement lifecycle automation powered by electronic signatures and identification solutions. More than 3000 customers worldwide rely on Scrive to sign agreements with and identify their own customers and partners, driving security, compliance, data quality and customer experience. Scrive is headquartered in Stockholm and has over 100 employees.

About Creditro 
Creditro is a Danish Fin- and Regtech company with extensive experience in investigating financial crime, which is the foundation of our vision: to stop financial crime. Creditro has developed a software solution aimed at automating compliance, credit and anti-fraud assessment, and insight into historical debt information and credit as well as fraud and bankruptcy predictions.



Peter Hauge, CEO: [email protected]

Ronny Hilton, Partner Manager: [email protected]