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ACE ist eine Plattform für Kontaktzentren und wird von mehr als 100 Unternehmen und Regierungsbehörden genutzt.

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About Telia

Telia Company is a global telecom operator with 182.1 million subscribers. As part of Telia Company’s enterprise solutions product line you will find Telia CallGuide, a market-leading contact center platform which is used by more than a hundred companies and government agencies in northern Europe.

CallGuide E-sign (empowered by Scrive), is integrated into the CallGuide contact center solution. The integrated solution can be used as an alternative, or complement, to recorded verbal contracts. CallGuide E-sign is also offered as a stand-alone solution for other types of use cases.

"Scrive has a great technical solution with a good user experience, which produces high quality evidence material after signing.”

Gunnar Reinholdsen VP Sales Solution, Telia

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