Scrive eSign: Approver party


You may have noticed a new role option when adding parties to your signing workflows: “Approver” – someone who doesn’t sign the document but needs to approve the process before the document can be finalised.

A good example is an employment contract.
The document author, who works in HR, adds two signing parties to the workflow: the hiring manager and the candidate. They also add an Approver party, the person in the organisation who needs to OK the contract before it’s sent for the candidate’s signature.

You can add one or more Approver parties and set the invitation order to suit your needs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set the Role to Approver, and set the invitation order as needed:
  1. Add authentication, if needed. You can require the Approver to authenticate themself in order to view and approve the document and/or access the archived document later.
  2. When the Approver receives the document, approving it is very similar to signing it. If they reject the document, it cancels the signing workflow:

Every step in the signing process that involves the Approver party is included the Evidence Package event log: