The Scrive Five

What do you look for in an employee?

For someone to join the Scrive sales team we look for what we lovingly refer to as “The Scrive Five”:

The Scrive Five is nothing too complicated; it’s simply a short list of qualities we like to see in someone joining our team. Every business has core values for prospective employees and ideas of what they want, ours just happens to come out as a nice rhyme.


The Scrive Five:

1. The ability to communicate technical consequences in simple, understandable terms

2. Having the business acumen to effectively communicate and negotiate as necessary

3. An understanding of laws and regulations in the digital space

4. Experience and ambition for project management

5. Being able to truly understand and align with each stakeholder while bringing genuine customer centricity to the table

Each one is important in its own right but to be honest, if number 5 isn’t there, the others are moot. Without the empathy and drive needed to sell with integrity, listen with the intent to understand and consistently deliver value, it’s not possible to sell the Scrive way.

If that integrity is there and someone ticks all of the other boxes as well, we’ve obviously got an absolute unicorn on our hands but at the end of the day we’re looking for someone who fits the business needs and our culture above all else. Therefore some of these can be learned as we go, especially seeing as we’d always look for that adaptability and curiosity in our new team members anyway. 

During the 10 years Scrive has been around we’ve seen the impact that the right hire can have on the business, their colleagues and our clients. This is why we take the hiring process seriously and are picky about who we bring on board.

Why are we talking about this?

Firstly, because we’re hiring! So if the description above sounds like you, why not look at our careers page and see whether we’ve got the perfect position for you!

Secondly, we’re talking about this because recruitment is a multifaceted, and in many ways complicated, process that’s different for each business. On top of that it’s a vital part of growing a business. Not simply filling vacancies but ensuring the people you bring on board can represent your business both internally and externally to a world class level.

Trust has always been a big factor in recruitment and even more so now that a large portion of the workforce is remote. This means even more time and effort could go into finding and securing the right candidates to fit your requirements than usual and this is a double edged sword.

Although no one will argue against the idea that it’s well worth spending time on ensuring you’re bringing the right person into the fold, too many businesses are seeing their top candidates get lost in needlessly complex processes.

Processes that drag on and on, costing them time, money and sometimes even the candidate themselves.

Especially when you’ve got a top candidate in front of you, chances are you’re not the only potential employer they’re speaking to. Fir that reason, moving quickly and effectively can be the difference between landing a superstar and losing them; meaning more time, effort and money spent on filling that vacancy. 

On average it takes a business 27.5 days to make a new hire, yet top candidates are off the market within 10 days. Add to that the cost, which, according to Glassdoor, in the UK and US averages around £3000 and $4000, respectively, and you’ve got a process that’s long, complex and expensive. Part of this cost is down to the speed of recruitment, or a lack thereof, so something clearly needs to change!

Scrive has helped many businesses automate and simplify these processes, introducing e-signature and other elements that allow you to focus on finding the right person rather than spending unnecessary amounts of time ticking boxes.

If you think your business could do with more digitalisation in your recruitment process, reach out and let’s have a conversation.