Optimisez votre Salesforce avec l’application de signature électronique de première classe de Scrive. Lancez, suivez et gérez vos flux de travail de signature électronique directement à partir de Salesforce. Disponible via Salesforce Appexchange.





Scrive for Salesforce

Take greater control of your sales cycles with a 100% digital process. E-sign the contract for a better customer experience, fewer lost deals and higher Salesforce adoption. Never worry about misplacing a contract or wondering if and when it will be returned with the customer’s signature. Instant access to sales data means internal stakeholders are more informed and empowered.

Digital contract process

Drive Salesforce adoption and bridge the final gap to 100% paperless operations by fully digitalising the contract process with electronic signatures and identification. E-signing with Scrive provides opportunities for customisation for a number of core processes, starting with contract generation, through to the signed contract, and then taking full advantage of the intact data stream to optimise operations and work smarter.

Sales control

Eliminate manual processes and follow-up tasks. Get greater control over the contract signing process by knowing the status of the contract at each stage: who has received and viewed it, who has signed it, and who still needs to sign or approve it. Deadlines, reminders and automated archiving drive further efficiency. At the end of the day, everyone has more time and energy to do what they do best.

Data accuracy and forecasting

A fully-digitalised contracts process means instant access to accurate sales data, which unlocks value across your organisation. As soon as the sales contract is signed, you can extract the contract data and make it immediately available in all your channels and core systems, including sales, customer service and marketing. Access to this data improves pipeline and opportunity management, provides revenue assurance and drives forecasting accuracy so you make better strategic decisions, faster. 


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Secure and legal

Get added security with integrated electronic identity verification services to make sure the right person is signing. Identity checks and all other signing data are then entered into the legal evidence package that becomes part of each completed contract. Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence collected throughout the signing process and securely attached to every signed document. The integrity of every document signed with Scrive is protected with a digital seal powered by blockchain technology. This means you can independently verify the contract’s authenticity (it has not been altered or forged) now and for decades to come.

Award-winning sales tool

Scrive was named B2B Sales Tool Vendor of the Year at the 2019 ProSales Institute Sales Awards. “The winner delivers an innovative and effective tool to support sales and marketing”, the jury announced at the awards ceremony. “For example, when it comes to security, Scrive shows how complex business processes don’t have to be complicated, and they do it by adopting new technology, specifically blockchain.”

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