Speed up recruiting and eliminate paper by e-signing the offer letter with Scrive for a great candidate experience.




Scrive for Teamtailor

E-sign the offer letter for a great candidate experience. The Scrive eSign app is an omnichannel solution: generate, send and sign e-contracts from and on any device. You and the candidate can seal the deal in moments, anytime, anywhere.

Close the recruitment process with one click

Set up your standard employment offer agreements in Scrive, then add a Scrive trigger to your Teamtailor recruitment process. When it’s time to make an offer, one click generates the employment contract and launches the e-signing workflow. The rest is automated so you can put your time and attention where it counts.

Focus on the candidate

Eliminate paper and manual steps, including document preparation and follow-up tasks: “Did they receive the contract? Have they opened it yet? Signed it? Returned it?” Scrive makes it easy to track and monitor the contract signing process so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on the candidate.

Cut lead times, increase conversion rates

Shorten the last step of recruitment from days to seconds. The employment contract is automatically generated and ready for signing as soon as you make the hiring decision. Candidates can sign on the spot, wherever they are. No mailing delays, no paper to misplace, no printing, no scanning. No chance of losing the candidate while waiting to receive the contract.


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Build brand loyalty

The medium is the message: giving your candidates a first-class, 100% digital hiring experience says a lot about you. Brand the signing experience with your logo, colors and messaging so they know exactly who is asking them to sign the agreement.

Safe, secure, private

Integrated identity verification gives you added security, your guarantee that the right person is signing the contract. Scrive e-signatures are legally binding, with a comprehensive event log securely attached to every signed document. The completed agreement is digitally sealed and protected against tampering with blockchain technology.

Digitalisation made easy

Scrive is much more than just e-signing. We’re about digitalising and automating business processes, like recruiting. With your employment contract template in place, when you click to hire, the candidate’s information automatically populates the agreement, and it’s all ready to be signed. You don’t have to do anything else. 

The Scrive workflow engine makes sure the contract goes to the right people, gathers the signatures and any needed approvals, archives the completed document and provides e-copies to all parties. Automated reminders and deadlines mean you don’t have to monitor the process manually.


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