A trusted partner in digitalisation

The European e-sign choice for highly regulated industries


Identify and sign electronically

E-sign agreements and documents with Scrive, verify identity with electronic identification.

Industry expertise

Over a decade of experience working with banks and financial institutions of varying sizes across Europe and beyond.

Regional legislation knowledge

Our legal team stays up to date with regulations and compliance across Europe to ensure our products are fit for purpose.

Risk management - KYC & AML

We know our customers in highly regulated industries have lower-than-average risk appetite and our approach reflects this.

Experience with solution design

We know compliance and customer experience aren’t one-size-fits-all so we work with you to ensure you have a solution that fits.

Avanza case:
Onboarding online banking customers


In signed document conversion rate when signing remotely and electronically


In total deposits in the first year of rolling out Scrive eSign


In total average onboarding time while volume of accounts quadrupled

"When the document is signed online, we automatically log the customer into their new account...They are more than twice as likely to transfer money to us."

Mikael Lindahl, Business Developer, Avanza Bank

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