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Integrate e-signing and eID into your offerings with the guide who knows the expansion journey. Because we’re living it!

Electronic identification, BankID

Your partner for ID verification &

Scrive’s eSign and eID Hub APIs get you there quickly and securely. But the key ingredient to our customers’ success: we love to build cool stuff!

Electronic identification, BankID
Continuous authentication

eID authentication available in over 190 countries

Simple, secure login

Enable your customers to log in with eIDs they already have

Enable pan-European expansion

Scrive’s eID Hub connects all the eIDs you need into one API

Streamline your document process

Sign POAs and other documents quickly and securely

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By developers, for developers

At Scrive, DX is king!
We wrote the kind of APIs and documentation that we like to use. To see for yourself, refer to our API documentation for eSign and eID Hub.

A trust service provider since 2010, Scrive understands the demands of security and compliance. With deep technical expertise and a legal team working at the forefront of a fast-changing regulatory landscape, we have guided the continuing success of organisations of all sizes and in highly-regulated industries.

API, Scrive
Scrive eIDs

Digital identity:
full coverage across Europe

Scrive simplifies your digital identity journey with eID Hub: a single platform that gives you access to our growing suite of identity services. With one contract and one integration interface, you’re ready to start implementing any of them in your own systems and services.

We are continuously updating the eID Hub with expanded coverage and new authentication methods to support your business. Newest additions: Smart-ID for the Baltics and Swisscom.

Scrive eIDs
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