Onboard your customers securely and digitally

World-leading financial institutions trust Scrive as a partner for digital transformation. End-to-end solutions built with Scrive’s e-sign and ID verification services.

Digital onboarding with electronic signature

Built for compliance, security and CX

Reduce customer drop-offs in KYC and AML onboarding processes, while still remaining highly secure, compliant and efficient. Scrive enables you to build better customer journeys

Digital onboarding with electronic signature
Digital transformation partner

Over a decade of experience guiding financial institutions on their digital transformation journeys.

Data quality

Keeping your data flows intact reduces errors, delays, customer frustration and compliance risk.

EU owned hosting

Make Scrive part of your Schrems II strategy.

Drive customer engagement

Deliver a smooth experience and reduce onboarding dropoff

KYC + e-sign + eID = fast, secure customer onboarding

Scrive is a leading European provider of digital solutions powered by electronic signature and digital identity services. With over ten years of experience serving the banking and finance industry, Scrive brings value to its customers by:


  • Improving customer experience, security, compliance and data visibility

  • Serving as a highly knowledgeable, customer-centric partner and guide for digital

    transformation: “We get you there”

Why Scrive?

Organisations like NatWest/Coutts and Nordnet have chosen and continue to rely on Scrive to increase their competitiveness by automating both customer-facing processes and internal operations. With deep industry expertise and knowledge of local markets, Scrive provides clients a wealth of advice and on-going support in the areas of:

• Business processes
• Technical implementation
• Regulation
• Risk
• Security
• Change management
• Solution adoption

Scrive’s legal team is working at the forefront of the fast-changing regulatory landscape regarding trust services (e-signing and digital identity) and is well positioned to support customers in meeting compliance requirements, especially those related to anti-money laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) and personal data protection (GDPR).

Founded in 2010, Scrive is headquartered in Stockholm, with offices in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany. The company is backed by Vitruvian Partners and has 250+ employees.

End-to-end onboarding solutions

Scrive’s e-signing and digital identity services are combined with web forms and data source connectors from our partners to build complete solutions.

Follow the links to preview examples:
Customer fills out form before signing (form)
Customer fills out document and signs (document)

eSign – electronic signing

Scrive’s electronic signature service, eSign, is an intuitive tool for sending, signing and managing agreements on any device, efficiently and securely. To ensure that agreements can only be accessed and signed by the intended parties, authentication is integrated in eSign, enabling the signing party to verify their identity and sign the document within the same digital workflow.

The eSign API enables businesses to integrate any or all of the eSign functionality into their own systems and services. See API documentation. A key part of Scrive’s value proposition is the commitment to the customer through every stage of the integration to ensure scalability, sustainability and minimal business disruption.

eSign is also available as a stand-alone portal (eSign Online) and as a managed service (eSign GO) optimised for highly-standardised agreements.

eID Hub – digital identity

Scrive’s digital identity platform, eID Hub, is an API that makes it easy for businesses to integrate ID verification into their own systems and services, enabling an all-digital customer experience. eID Hub simplifies the digital identity journey by providing a single point of access to all the identity services that Scrive supports, with new services continually being added.

Key use cases include secure login, Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, customer authentication (e.g., when performing certain actions like high-value transactions) and signing documents.


How Scrive helped Avanza


In signed document conversion rate when signing remotely and electronically


In total deposits in the first year of rolling out Scrive eSign


In total average onboarding time while volume of accounts quadrupled

How Scrive helped Nordnet

Getting agreements signed

Getting agreements signed used to take Nordnet anywhere from 5 days to a month! With the new Scrive process, it only takes 1-5 minutes.

Increase in conversion rate

Conversion rates more than doubled once Nordnet rolled Scrive out across Sweden and Norway.