Over a decade of transforming
the telecom industry

A trusted digitalisation partner, driving enterprise-wide data quality and customer experience through digital agreements processes.

Identify and sign electronically

Revenue assurance

Keeping your data flows intact puts an end to errors, costly delays and ensures agreements are managed & billed correctly.

Superior customer experience

Onboard customers >90% faster. Accurately capture the data you need in a simple workflow, real-time and company-wide.

A step toward sustainability

Go paperless for the future of your business and the planet.

Legacy systems? No problem

Plug and play solutions to automate both internal and customer-facing operations.

Where to use Scrive in your workflow

Streamline your agreement processes in all parts of your business. Manage work orders, financing and trade-in documentation as well as a number of other functions.

Subscription contracts

Whether working B2B or B2C, verify your customer and sign remotely with ease and security.

Hire, promote and manage internal documents

HR, operations and a world of administrative tasks can be simplified with automation and digitalisation.

Streamline vendor agreements

Have a clear overview of all your agreements in one place.

Inventory management

Gain more insight than ever and save time by digitalising your stock taking.

Telenor case study:
Improving customer experience and reducing fraud

50+ Locations

Rollout across 50+ locations in under 2 weeks

Less than a week

When Telenor had to transition to inside sales in the pandemic, Scrive helped them achieve this in less than a week.

No integration needed

Because Scrive GO is system-agnostic, Telenor was able to digitalise 100% of their document processes without any integration.

“This was one of the most successful IT projects I’ve ever had.”

Erik Klyften Head of IT, Telenor Norway
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