Digital agreements for automotive

For sales, finance, service, sharing and rentals, signing agreements and ID verification are the last barriers to 100% digital operations.

This is where Scrive comes in.

10 years transforming the automotive industry

Optimise your offering with integrated electronic signature and ID verification from Scrive, a trusted partner in digital transformation since 2010.

Go 100% paperless

Digitalise the entire customer journey and unlock the full benefits of automation

Reduce admin

Cut costs while speeding up both customer-facing and internal processes

Customer experience

Offer the digital convenience today’s customers expect. Seamless workflows that can be completed anywhere, on any device

Data quality

Save time, drive compliance and eliminate errors by syncing agreements and ID checks with CRMs and other IT systems

“Working with the team at Scrive was really easy. They know the market extremely well. We look forward to getting more dealers on board and seeing the results.”

Neville Briggs
Managing Director of Pinewood

Your partner in digital transformation

Scrive has brought big wins to key players in the automotive sales, finance, service, sharing and rental sectors. Scrive also has pre-built integrations to popular business tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Salesforce and Hubspot

Integrated ID verification

Authenticate customers securely within a seamless digital flow when signing documents, logging in, completing Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, approving transactions and more.

Onfido and other digital ID services are integrated into Scrive’s eSign platform. You can also integrate ID verification into your platform using Scrive’s eID Hub, an API that gives you a single point of access, with just one integration, to Scrive’s growing suite of ID services.

Success story: Volkswagen Group Sverige

Reduction in administration time

With all documents digitalised, administration was centralised and simplified.

Agreements signed annually

Volkswagen has rolled out Scrive’s solution to almost all of their resellers across Sweden, enabling them to virtually eliminate contract errors.

"If we hadn't worked with you guys on this, we would have been stuck with a process that wouldn't meet customer demand or expectations at all."

Alexander André Manager Business & System Development Sales, Volkswagen Group Sweden AB

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