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Founded in 2005, Box is the leading cloud content management platform. It is a single, secure, easy-to-use platform built for the entire content lifecycle, from file creation and sharing, to co-editing, signature, classification, and retention. Today, 97,000 customers and 68% of the Fortune 500 trust Box to simplify how they work.

Scrive for Box

Scrive leverages Box’s enterprise-grade cloud content management solution to enable your teams to improve their workflow even further. A few simple clicks let you send off documents for e-signing directly from your Box account. With the Scrive eSign app, you can send PDF, doc and docx files from any device, to any device, anywhere in the world. Scrive’s integrated ID verification features give you the peace of mind that only the intended parties can access and sign your documents.

Flexible workplace

In a world where we work from almost anywhere, make your business as attractive as possible for your current and new employees, as well as your customers. Integrating Scrive into your Box workspace will empower your teams to work from any location and device, saving you cost and time while winning brand loyalty.

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Gain your customers’ trust

Sit back and let Scrive do the work for you with integrated eID. Rest assured that this extra level of security to the e-signing process guarantees that only the intended and authorised parties view and sign your documents. The Scrive eSign app supports eIDs in the Nordics and a growing number of European countries, with global identity verification coverage through Onfido.

Tamper-proof and built for compliance

Scrive’s industry-leading legal evidence package is attached to every completed document, entailing a detailed audit log of every step of the signing process. Additionally, Scrive uses blockchain technology to protect your documents from tampering, making them time-proof and verifiable independently of Scrive. These built-in safeguards protect you against legal challenges and enable your teams to work efficiently and securely in a digital environment.

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