Launch e-signing workflows directly from Clio while taking advantage of all the e-sign and digital identity features in the Scrive platform.

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Scrive for Clio

E-sign your documents quickly and securely from Clio with Scrive, a leader in agreements lifecycle automation since 2010. Scrive set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence stored with each signed document and was the first e-sign provider to protect document integrity with blockchain technology.  

Client experience

Give your clients the convenience and simplicity of Scrive’s premium electronic signature solution. Sign agreements anywhere, on any device. Eliminate printing, scanning, mailing or misplacing paper documents.

Reduce admin time

One-click access to the Scrive e-sign platform from the workspace where you already are – no need to log in to a new tool. Send documents for signing from a Matter, Contacts, or Documents. Shorten lead times and increase conversion rates. Scrive further reduces manual steps by importing your document and recipient data from Clio. Automated reminders and deadlines eliminate follow-up tasks. All signed documents are stored in your secure E-archive. 

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See app details and how to connect Clio to Scrive in the Clio App Directory

Integrated eID authentication

Add a higher level of authentication for making sure the right person is signing.
Scrive currently supports the following eIDs: Swedish and Norwegian BankID, NemID, Finnish eID (FTN), Verimi (Germany), iDIN (Netherlands), itsme (Belgium).

Track and monitor

Know the status of the document at every stage of the signing process. See at a glance who has received it, who has opened it, who has signed and who still needs to sign or approve.

Secure and legally-binding

Scrive is a Trust Service Provider under the EU’s eIDAS legislation and provides all levels of electronic signatures recognised under the regulation. Scrive is fully compliant with GDPR, and our e-sign solutions facilitate your own compliance, in particular through measures which meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.

Your digital journey

Much more than just e-signing, Scrive is about digitalising and automating your processes. The Scrive workflow engine makes sure the document goes to the right people, gathers the signatures and any needed approvals, archives the completed document and provides e-copies to all parties.


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Just sign up for a Scrive account and connect your Clio account to Scrive with a few clicks.