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Founded in 2007 with the mission of “Changing the World of CRM”, CRM-service specialises in cloud-based CRM software and services such as contact center tools and various portals. CRM-service creates success for its customers by providing the most customer-oriented solutions along with first-class customer service. Based in Finland, the company is privately owned, with two offices in Finland and one in Stockholm.

“The initial spark for creating CRM-service was to provide a CRM that is not just a traditional CRM, but a digital business platform where you can take care of most of the work that usually requires various different services. And that is the journey we continue by developing new innovations and tools for our CRM-service users.” – Mikko Korpela, founder and CEO.

Scrive for CRM-service

Scrive’s award-winning sales enablement tool provides greater control over sales processes with greater visibility, shorter sales cycles, higher win rates and lower customer acquisition costs. Run your entire sales funnel through CRM-service with integrated e-signing. Scrive lets you generate your agreements, launch the signing process and track it at every stage – all from your CRM-service account.

Sign anywhere

Send, sign and manage sales contracts wherever you and your customers are working, on any device: phone, laptop, tablet, in-person. Close deals remotely, quickly and securely. Empower your remote teams while better serving your customers’ remote teams. Launch new signing processes from any card in the CRM-service interface and manage it every step of the way from your account, wherever you are.

Win loyalty through customer experience

Get the customer relationship off to a great start with a quick, intuitive and secure contract-signing experience. Invite them to sign via email, SMS or a link. Make your customers’ lives easier while driving your brand awareness. Brand the signing pages with your logo, colours and messaging to give your customers the confidence they are signing with you. As soon as everyone has signed, all parties receive their own digitally-sealed, legally-binding copy of the agreement.

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To connect Scrive to your CRM-service account, contact CRM-service customer support.

Integrated authentication

Protect the privacy and security of your documents and customers with integrated eID options. Make sure only authorised parties view and sign your contracts and agreements by requiring identity verification using Swedish and Norwegian BankID, Finnish Trust Network, NemID/MitID, Verimi, itsme, iDIN and more, including global ID document verification with Onfido.

Close deals on the spot

Fewer dropped deals when you’re ready with the paperwork the moment the deal closes. Get it in front of your customer’s eyes, ready to sign, quickly and digitally. Generate the contracts and other documentation on the spot by pulling customer data from CRM-service and into your agreements. Take action when the time is right for a swift, error-free closing.

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To connect Scrive to your CRM-service account, contact CRM-service customer support.