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Launch and manage e-signing workflows from Dynamics 365 Sales CRM.

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Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications helping you deliver operational excellence and delight every customer. For sales teams, Microsoft developed Dynamics 365 Sales, the CRM that lets you save time and money by making your workflows more agile while providing valuable business insights. With complete visibility into every step in your sales cycle, your sales teams can allocate their time more effectively and close deals faster.

Scrive for Dynamics 365 Sales

With the integration of Scrive’s award-winning eSign app, Microsoft added an important step to Dynamics 365 Sales. Now you don’t have to wait for your documents and contracts to be generated, printed and sent to your customers. Instead, with just a few clicks you can autopopulate contract templates and have your customers securely e-sign. Not only does this save your sales team valuable time, it ensures error-free contracts.

Make your business more agile

It is now easier than ever to bring your sales teams and customers together wherever they are in the world. With Scrive e-signing you are close to your customers despite being physically apart. No matter where in the world you and your customers are, Scrive ensures that your contracts can be signed from anywhere and on any device; whether laptop, mobile phone, PC or in person, you can always offer your customers seamless e-signing.

1-click contracts

Scrive’s eSign app makes your life easier. With only one click you can autopopulate contracts and documents with the customer information stored in Dynamics 365 Sales. Thanks to this automated process, your contracts will be error-free and ready to go in an instant. With Scrive, you can create a branded signing process to ensure a consistent customer experience.

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Free up your time for the important tasks

The Scrive integration to Dynamics 365 Sales is quick, easy and saves your teams’ time. No more waiting on post, no more rummaging around desks to find important documentation and no more paper waste. Also, no more emailing, printing and scanning— because merely going digital is not the same as automating. Simply let your CRM generate your signature-ready contracts and documents, then safely store them within Dynamics 365 Sales so it’s all in one place and easily accessible. This enables your teams to focus on managing their pipelines and closing deals.

Built for security and compliance

Scrive’s eSign app offers secure identification so you can rest assured that only the right person can access and sign your contracts. Scrive supports eIDs for the Nordics, an ever-growing number of European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, and global document verification with Onfido. Using blockchain technology, contracts signed with Scrive are protected against unauthorised changes, which you can verify independently of Scrive, now and for the future.

Strengthen customer relationships

Scrive’s e-signing tool enables you to react to your customer’s needs quickly and proactively. Dynamics 365 Sales monitors the health of your opportunities; when you see a deal that is ready to be closed, your customer will appreciate it if they don’t need to come to you but rather already have all documentation in front of them, ready to be signed. When the signing process is completed, all parties involved will receive their own signed copy, each protected by blockchain and with the same comprehensive audit log.

Convert your opps at the right time

As soon as you get the verbal agreement from your customer, your paperwork needs to be ready to go. Any delays at this stage can of course mean losing the opportunity. Thankfully, with Scrive you’re always ready and in the know, every step of the way. Send over your document and keep visibility of its status. Make it easy for your teams to know which stage opportunities are in and enable them to deliver the best results possible.

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