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With more than 20 years of experience, NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service providing data security and strict digital asset protection to law firms and other industries with strict compliance and security guidelines to confidently store and collaborate on their documents and email. The pillars of the service include mobility, secure collaboration, disaster recovery, and compliance, and a SaaS model.

Scrive for NetDocuments

Adding Scrive eSign to your NetDocuments solution takes you one step further toward automation. Enable your teams to launch and manage electronic signing processes directly from their NetDocuments account, from wherever they are working, without sacrificing security for convenience. With Scrive, you get the same level of security and reliability you expect when working in NetDocuments.

Streamline your work

The Scrive service closely aligns with key NetDocuments values: to be “anywhere accessible” and to provide technology that gets out of their customers’ way so they can focus on results and become free to “Work Inspired”. Completing your agreement signing processes without leaving your NetDocuments account drives efficiency and protects your document processes. Eliminate manual processes like the need to email agreements, or even print and scan, while making it easier for your signing parties as well. The final signed document is archived in NetDocuments for security and easy accessibility. You can also choose alternate archiving options.

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Work safe

There’s a reason that enterprises in highly-regulated industries trust Scrive for their agreement signing processes. Robust safeguards have been built into the service from the beginning, driving security and compliance. Attached to every signed document is the Scrive evidence package, a detailed audit log which set the industry standard for the quality of legal evidence to support the authenticity of an agreement. And Scrive uses blockchain technology to protect the integrity of each document. This means you can verify, now and for the future, independently of Scrive, that your document, once signed, has not been altered or tampered with in any way.

Authenticate your signers

Scrive makes it easy to ensure that only authorised parties can access and sign the agreements you send out for signature. It’s easy to set two-factor authentication (PIN by SMS) as a requirement when sending out a document, a step your signing parties can complete as a seamless step in the signing process. And it’s just as easy to add additional security by authenticating your recipients with BankID or any of the growing list of eIDs Scrive supports.

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