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Microsoft Office Add-in

“Scrive it” right from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Start e-signing processes with a few clicks for a great customer experience.

Microsoft Office Add-in



Scrive for Office

E-sign legally-binding agreements with a few clicks, right from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Starting with any document, worksheet or presentation, just add your signing party’s email address or mobile number, then click “Start signing” to invite them to the signing page. Sign on any device: phone, laptop, tablet or in person. Get your signed agreement back in a few minutes, saved to your digital archive.

Paperless contracts made easy

Save time and hassle when you Scrive it right from where you’re already working. Access Scrive’s award-winning e-signing service right from Word, with the Scrive Office Add-in. No need to switch to another tool to sign your agreements. No printing, scanning and mailing, just a fast, 100% digital process.

Legally binding

When you e-sign agreements with Scrive, you’ll never have to worry about challenges to the legitimacy of your signed documents. Our legal team works at the forefront of the laws and regulations regarding electronic signatures to ensure that our customers’s agreements can stand up in court. The Scrive Evidence Package, a detailed audit log securely saved with every signed document, set the world standard for the quality of legal evidence to support an electronic signature.

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Enhance your brand

Provide a great user experience with Scrive’s intuitive, sign-anywhere service to drive customer loyalty and promote your brand among your partners, suppliers and your own team members. Signing parties can sign whenever and wherever they want to, on any device. As soon as the document is signed, Scrive applies a digital seal to protect it, and all signing parties immediately receive a copy. Every copy of the signed agreement is digitally identical to the others and legally-binding.

Blockchain protected

Scrive was the first e-sign provider to use blockchain technology to digitally seal each signed document, making it impossible for anyone to tamper with or alter it any way undetected. This method gives you control over your documents because it allows you to verify their integrity independently of Scrive–in ten years, a hundred, and beyond.

Save time and clicks

Eliminate manual steps and follow-up tasks when you “Scrive it” from Word. Track and monitor the status of your document: see at a glance who has opened and viewed it, who has already signed and who still needs to sign. Keep things on track with deadlines and automated reminders. Set the signing order when you have multiple signing parties, and benefit from other workflow options.

Identity verification

Protect confidential information by making sure only authorised people can view and sign your documents. Use two-factor authentication with PIN by SMS to identify your signing parties. For an extra level of security, take advantage of integrated eIDs like Swedish BankID. Scrive offers eID coverage for all the Nordics and a growing number of European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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