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Founded in 2019, Pigello is a web-based platform that facilitates and streamlines the administrative work for real estate companies and their tenants with the premise of gathering all information in one place. It digitalises everything from rental administration to technical management and creates greater transparency between property owners and tenants by making up-to-date information easily accessible to each party.

Scrive for Pigello

Take the next step into automation with Scrive’s e-signing service. The seamless integration of Scrive into Pigello means there is no need to switch between software just to get an agreement signed. Automate your entire document journey from generation to signing to archiving, and find out why 12 of Sweden’s 15 top real estate companies trust Scrive with their agreement signing processes. Take advantage of Scrive’s integrated identity verification and blockchain technology, giving you security and protecting your documents against legal challenges.

Identity verification and authentication

Protect your agreement processes by authenticating your signing parties right within the signing experience. With eID integrated directly into Scrive, it’s easy to make sure that your documents are only viewed and signed by the intended parties. Scrive supports eIDs across the Nordics and in a growing number of European countries. Whenever you send out an agreement for signing, you can choose your authentication options along with the other workflow settings.

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Quick and easy

With the Scrive integration, landlords can let the system autofill the information for a new agreement directly within Pigello, eliminating data errors and saving time. Then Scrive handles the entire signing process, inviting the parties to sign, collecting the signatures and providing you and the signer the completed document. Once you send out a document, you can easily track the status and monitor its progress without having to wonder if the signing party has received or reviewed it, saving you and your client the trouble of reaching out to them to check.

Built for compliance

Rental agreements have to be able to stand up against legal challenges. This is why Scrive attaches its industry-leading legal evidence package, a detailed audit log, to every completed document, protecting your agreements against such challenges. And Scrive’s use of blockchain technology makes your documents time-proof against any form of tampering or alteration, which you can always verify independently of Scrive, now and for the future.

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