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Founded in 2005, Quinyx is now the market leader in AI-driven workforce management. The solution empowers the workforce in service industries, making people and businesses grow. Quinyx helps more than 1000 companies around the world to optimise schedules with AI forecasting, make time reporting more efficient, reduce costs, stay compliant and engage with employees.

Scrive for Quinyx

Simplify and accelerate your HR processes with the Scrive eSign app integrated into your Quinyx solution. On-boarding has never been easier. Printing, scanning, no visibility over your documents’ status; these are all things of the past. The Scrive eSign app is built for compliance and with integrated eID, you can easily identify and authenticate your parties and ensure only the right people see and sign your contracts.

Paperless automation

Does your HR department still have to go through the hassle of printing documents that need to be signed? Are you still wasting valuable time and resources with tedious manual tasks when it comes to the all-important signing of a document? With the Scrive eSign app, you eliminate manual tasks like printing and scanning documents, accelerate the signing process and have visibility over the status of your documents.

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Integrated eID

Of course you have to make sure that only the intended parties view and sign your documents. This is why the Scrive eSign app has eID already integrated. This means your signing parties can authenticate themselves seamlessly, within the signing flow. Scrive supports eIDs throughout the Nordics and in a growing number of European countries.

Anywhere, any device

You never know what challenges today’s world will throw in your way. With the Scrive eSign app, your employees can initiate and manage signing processes from wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. Ensure that your processes go seamlessly and your business keeps running smoothly while providing an excellent employee experience.

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