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Launch and manage your document signing processes, quickly and securely, right from SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint



Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s mobile, intelligent Intranet, first launched in 2001. It helps organisations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications with colleagues, partners, and customers. Optimise team or project collaboration with team sites by connecting the relevant people to the content, information and apps you use every day. Additionally, make sure everyone is in the loop with communication sites, designed for a small group of co-authors creating content and information for a wider audience.

Scrive for SharePoint

Streamline your document signing processes by launching and managing them directly from your SharePoint account. No more time-consuming manual printing, scanning and emailing. Send your documents and contracts for signing with just a few clicks. Save time, money and resources not only for you but also your colleagues, partners and customers. Signing with Scrive means you can put your mind at ease: built for security and compliance, the eSign app helps you protect your documents and make sure only the right people can access and sign them. Track and monitor every step of the signing process so you don’t have to wonder when the document was received, reviewed, signed.

All in one

Already digital? Now, the Scrive eSign app is directly integrated into your SharePoint environment to save you time and effort by not having to switch between tools just to get a document signed. No more downloading your documents from SharePoint and manually uploading them to your e-signing service. Scrive enables you and your teams to keep your documents where you’re already working, significantly reducing the risk of misplacing them.

Anyone, anywhere

Keep your teams productive. Whether they are working from home or are away on business, make sure they always have the tools they need right with them. Wherever they are working, they can launch and manage Scrive document signing processes from their SharePoint account. Likewise, the people who need to sign your documents can access and sign them from anywhere, on any device – mobile, laptop, tablet. They don’t need a Scrive account or SharePoint account.

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Secure e-signing

With blockchain technology, Scrive protects your documents against any form of tampering, making them time-proof and verifiable independently of Scrive. Attached to every completed document is Scrive’s industry-leading legal evidence package, a detailed audit log of every step of the signing process, protecting you against legal challenges. Put your mind at ease with the Scrive eSign app and enable your teams to work efficiently and securely in a digital environment.

Save time and money

Where SharePoint has led you into the digital and remote workspace environment, the integration with Scrive will take you a step further to automation. Forget about tiresome processes like printing and scanning, downloading and uploading or manually emailing your recipient. The Scrive eSign app saves you and your teams time and money. Imagine a world where there is no rummaging around desks for the correct paperwork, no queues at the printer and less paper waste. With Scrive and SharePoint, you can achieve exactly that.

Quick and simple

Start signing from any SharePoint document library. Click Scrive eSign from the top menu and follow the simple steps to prepare your document for signing: add your signing parties, set workflow options, add a message and customise the language. Keep visibility of the status of your paperwork, ensuring you’ll never again wonder where your documents are, who has opened them and who still needs to sign.

Protect your signing processes

With integrated eID, you add an extra level of security to your e-signing process to make sure only the intended and authorised parties can view and sign your documents. The Scrive eSign app supports eIDs in the Nordics, Germany, the Netherlands and more, with global identity verification coverage through Onfido.

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