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Founded in 2005 in Finland, Sympa is now the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics, offering an all-in-one software to manage your HR operations globally. Sympa can be fully tailored to your needs enabling you to focus on advancing your employees and making smart strategic business decisions. It gives you visibility over your employees’ data and helps automate everyday tasks. More and more organisations around the world trust Sympa with their HR operations.

Scrive for Sympa

With Scrive eSign integrated into your Sympa solution, you can wave goodbye to tedious and error-prone manual processes when it comes to signing documents. You can forget about emailing, long lead times and missed opportunities by easily creating a contract or other agreement in Sympa, sending it off for e-signing and keeping track of its status throughout the entire process. You can do this with just a few simple clicks, saving you and your HR team valuable time. Save your employees the same kind of time and hassle and give them a thoroughly modern experience that reflects well on your organisation.

Fast and easy

Generate and send a contract from anywhere directly from Sympa. Scrive lets you auto populate your agreement templates with data directly from the employee record, saving manual steps and ensuring data quality. After sending the document for signing, you have full visibility and can monitor and track the status so you always know where your agreement is: if it has been received, reviewed, signed. Fewer admin tasks means more time to focus on your most important asset: your people.

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Signing party authentication

Ensure that only the right person can access and sign the agreements you send out. With Scrive’s integrated authentication options you can securely identify your signing parties seamlessly, within the signing flow, by requiring two-factor authentication (PIN by SMS). Or add even more security by identifying your signers with BankID or any of the many eIDs that Scrive supports.

Secure and built for compliance

How do you enable your teams to work securely in a digital environment? With the help of blockchain technology, your Scrive documents are protected against alteration and tampering, making them time-proof and verifiable independently of Scrive. Additionally, Scrive attaches its industry-leading legal evidence package, a detailed audit log of the entire signing process, to every completed document. These measures arm you with tools you need against potential legal challenges to the validity of your agreements.

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