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Vitec Fastighet

Sign and manage all your rental agreements digitally with integrated e-signing.

Vitec Fastighet




Founded in 1985, Vitec is market leader for Vertical Market Software in the Nordic region, developing and delivering standard niche software. Among other solutions, Vitec offers a comprehensive rental administration system for the real estate sector, giving you control of all properties, leases/transfer agreements, contracting parties and electronic signing of agreements and terminations.

Scrive for Vitec

Scrive helps you to take the next step into the digital world and say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone administrative tasks when it comes to getting the necessary signatures for your agreements and other documents. With the Scrive eSign app integrated into your Vitec rental administration system, you can be assured that your documents will only fall into the hands of the right people and that the contents of your documents are protected. 

Identify signing parties online

With Scrive’s integrated eID feature, you can leave your worries in the past. Only the intended parties will be able to access and sign your documents. Supported throughout the Nordic region, eID is also available for an ever-growing number of European countries, as well as globally through Onfido.

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Built to protect you

Scrive’s industry-leading legal evidence package is attached to every completed document, giving you a detailed audit log of every step of the signing process. This protects you against legal challenges. And the integrity of your documents is protected through blockchain technology, making them time-proof and tamper-proof, verifiable independently of Scrive.

Time well spent

Instead of burdening your employees with manual administration tasks connected to paper-based signing processes, such as printing, scanning and sending contracts and other documents, you can free up their time for what’s really important. With Scrive, managing your agreements and the critical data they contain is convenient, safe and 100% digital. Physical paperwork is a thing of the past.

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