Customise your default new process

Learn how to do it in Scrive Online.


Customise your default “new process” (for eSign Online)

With many different processes available, it can save a lot of time and energy in the long run if each person can set their own default process within Scrive.

  • Who?
    Set this on a user level so each person has their preferred default template.
  • How?
    Choose the template/process you want as your starting template from the template page or in your account info page. You can also set your default role in case this is different from the standard default role for new processes. There are two ways to do the settings: See the setup process below and start saving time today!
  • Why?
    Save time by ensuring your most used template/process is your default one


Option one

Go to Templates -> mark the specific template -> choose “Set default template”

Option two

Go to My Info -> Press “Select” at “Default template”