eSign updates - Autumn 2022

A better experience for your document signatories is coming very soon to Scrive eSign (between late August and November 2022):

✓ Simplified data input
✓ More ways to sign your name
✓ Improved mobile viewing
✓ Choice of language 


Simplified data input

Make it easier for your signatories to provide information you need to collect by presenting all the fields in a single form, which is particularly convenient for mobile users. Once they complete the form and go to review the document, all fields, checkboxes and other elements will be populated and selected.

To activate this option, when preparing your document go to the Settings tab and under Signing page settings turn on Enable form.

To collect information that doesn’t need to be visible in the signed document, add new fields on the Parties tab, but don’t place them in the document on the Document tab.

See support article for details.

More ways to sign your name

Stylised typefaces

Not satisfied with how your signature looks when you draw it with a touchscreen or mouse? Just type in your name and choose the handwritten typeface style that expresses you best.

Upload the real thing

Take a photo of your physical ink-on-paper signature and upload it.

What else?

More free text

Input fields now support multiple lines of free text.

Improved mobile viewing

Zoom in easily when reviewing and signing documents.

Language options

Signatories can choose their language.