Get Started with eSign Online

Learn the basics on how to sign documents online with Scrive.


Getting started with eSign Online


Add parties and upload document


Place fields in your document


Workflow settings


Start signing



Brand your Scrive eSign experience with your colours, logo, and messaging (not included in Essentials price plan).


Document templates

Templates make it easy to save time with your standard agreements and other repeatable signing processes. You can save the signing workflow settings using a process template, or you can save the document with a document template.

Process templates let you automate workflows when you have agreements where the content changes but the workflow settings remain the same. Document templates are for workflows where the agreement doesn’t change but some aspects of the workflow do.


Process templates


Walk through the basics

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Scrive’s customer success managers will guide you through the basics of your eSign Online account. You will learn:

✓ How to start a new signing process
✓ About document management and storage
✓ How to customise your branding

How to create more users

The administrator of your Scrive account can add more users as needed. If you exceed the number of users on your license, please contact [email protected] and we will help you to upgrade your license.

To add a new user, go to: AccountUserNew user ➔ Fill in the required information ➔ Invite

The new user will receive an invitation message requesting them to choose a password. If you need to trigger an invitation message again, click the mail icon.


How to follow your agreement signing processes

You can view the status of all agreements sent for signing in your Scrive E-archive, where you can search and sort all your agreements. Users with the admin role can view signing processes initiated by all users. Users with the standard role will only see the signing processes they have initiated and any processes for which they have been assigned as a signer, viewer or approver party.

From your E-archive, open the agreement you’re interested in to view the status of the signing process.


You can always contact us at [email protected]. Or browse our support site.