How to make your agreements digital-ready

In this guide you will find some sample design templates to get you started.



Ready to make the transition from paper to digital agreements? 

In order to get the most out of Scrive eSign, you’ll benefit from having agreements that are optimised for a digital experience. This can help both if you are starting with digital contracts (going from paper to digital) or if you simply want to revamp your digital contracts. The key is to make room for the functionalities you can use through Scrive eSign.

Scrive’s document preparation tools make it easy to build dynamic agreements that:

  • Auto populate with information you’ve already entered
  • Allow you to collect additional information from your signing parties during the signing process

After reading this article you will understand how to get the most out of digital contracts.

We will provide you with some sample design templates that you can tweak into your own processes or you can use them as inspiration for making your own.


4 steps to make your agreements digital-ready

Basically, all you need to do to turn your paper agreements into digital agreements is:

  1. Adjust the layout (in Word, or whatever document tool you use) to allow spaces to add text fields, signature boxes, checkboxes and other dynamic elements
  2. Save the agreement as a PDF
  3. Upload to Scrive eSign Online
  4. Add dynamic elements and send for signing

If you are revamping your agreements – make sure that you have your agreements designed to take full advantage of the capabilities by following the four steps offered above.


Pro tip

For your standard agreements, once you’ve set up each one, save it to your Scrive templates library for easy reuse every time you need to send that agreement for signing. Learn more about setting up document templates.

You can also save the workflow settings separately, so you can reuse those even if the document is not always the same. Learn more about setting up process templates.

You can also learn more about document and process templates in our get started guide.


Using the downloadable sample design templates

To help you get started, we’ve provided some sample design templates (below) to guide you in setting up your existing agreements.

The downloadable design templates we’ve provided include some of the typical fields required in many agreements. You can use these as examples when setting up your own agreements – or see them as inspiration in revamping your own.

If any of these work for you, simply replace the placeholder text with your own agreement text, save the document as a PDF and upload to Scrive eSign Online.



Download your sample design templates

Press the images to open the PDF-files, download them to your computer and change them with Adobe Acrobat if you want to make changes in them. Or get the PDF links by:

If you want to open them as Word-files, download them to your computer and make the changes you want to do. Get the links by: