Scrive acquires esignatur

In our ongoing mission to be the digitalisation partner of choice for European businesses, Scrive has acquired Esignatur, one of the largest e-signature providers in Denmark. 

During this extended period of working from home, more businesses than ever have had to speed up their digital transformation plans, including the digitalisation of their agreement lifecycle management, document workflows and contract management. Between Esignature and Scrive, there’s a great opportunity to deliver the best possible solution to all clients, present and future. 

Exciting times lie ahead for these two businesses as they become one, growing and pursuing new opportunities on the horizon. To mark the occasion, Viktor Wrede, Scrive’s CEO had this to say:

“This acquisition obviously contributes to a faster expansion and goes hand in hand with our ambition to be the leading company in e-signing, both in the Nordic region and in Europe. The global market for e-signing solutions, including management of the contract’s life cycle and e-identification, is estimated to have a value of over 400 billion SEK, and in countries that are digitally mature, such as Sweden and the other Nordic countries, development is progressing incredibly rapidly.”

This optimistic view of the future is shared on both sides, with Aiman Rafii, Esignatur’s CEO, sharing a similar sentiment:

“We at esignatur are very happy to become a part of Scrive. At Scrive, there is an incredibly competent team that I am convinced will help us create additional value for our customers and help them grow. Scrive’s growth to date has been impressive, and their long-term expansion plans pave the way to become a leader in Europe.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this in the latter part of the year, and for any questions in the meantime, get in touch.