Summer mode: 4 tools to empower your remote workforce

At Scrive we’re passionate about enabling people to work from anywhere. As we enter the summer, many of us will be travelling, and, while we’re definitely not encouraging people to work during their vacation, remote work has enabled us to be more flexible in where we spend our workday.

For all your e-signing and eID verification needs, Scrive is of course at your service, so if you’re entering the summer still signing on paper and need some help automating manual processes, why not reach out today and see if we can help you end the year on a more digital, sustainable and efficient note.

In the spirit of the worldwide office many of us have been attending for the past year, we wanted to point you in the direction of a few other tools that can help you get your work done. These will help regardless of whether you’re at your coffee table at home, on a beach abroad or climbing a mountain, as long as said mountain has a decent internet connection.


Simplify your expenses with Pleo

Get a real-time overview of your team’s expenses, set spending limits and minimise end-of-month admin with this fellow Nordic leader. Simpler for your finance team and more convenient for everyone.

With integrations into a plethora of accounting platforms, Pleo is your one-stop shop for expenses and invoices.


Deliver interactive presentations with Mentimeter

In-person presentations can often feel one sided, even more so once we all moved to remote work. With Mentimeter you can add a level of interactivity that both keeps your audience more engaged and allows you to temperature check periodically, knowing what’s resonating and what people want more of.

Mentimeter gets bonus points for its abilities as a trivia/quiz hosting tool for those times the team just needs to unwind and get to know each other.


Meet face-to-face at a distance with Zoom

We’ve now all grown incredibly accustomed to Zoom meetings, to the point where phrases like “Zoom outfit” and “Zoom fatigue” have entered our daily vocabulary. But even if the latter is a reality setting in for many of us, it’s hard to deny the convenience Zoom has afforded us when transitioning from an office environment to a remote one.

The ease of use, the access to free accounts and the ability to record meetings has made Zoom a staple of daily life, enabling smoother team work in a time where this could have been a lot more difficult.


Enable quick and effective internal communication with Slack

Just like texting replaced phone calls in many cases, not every question or conversation has to be a Zoom meeting. For those quick questions, short updates or even the more casual conversations, Slack offers an intuitive and adaptable IM environment for your teams to share and interact with one another.

Everything from team channels to channels sharing pet pics and recipes, Slack can become a real social hub for your business, giving you a sense of community, even at a distance.


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