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A+W Software

With over 40 years of experience, A+W Software is the market leader for software in the flat glass industry as well as the windows and doors business. They develop ERP, PPS and optimization software in order to make glass and window manufacturers even more efficient.



Digitalising and streamlining time and resource consuming processes

A+W Software’s solution is modular and complex by design in order to meet the needs of their customers. Seeing as each pane of glass needs to be individually planned and made to measure, a standard ERP system wouldn’t make the cut.

On top of the general complexity of selling and rolling this system out to customers, the contracts and process documentation were a huge undertaking every time. Having to print and manually fold these contracts, often consisting of over 30 pages each, put a big strain on A+W’s admin staff. Take into account that these were often printed up to three times, along with additional printing for quotes and offers, and you’ve got a significant amount of paper and printing cost to go along with the time and effort poured into this task.


At first, A+W was primarily looking into digitalising their sales function, but once they saw the benefit of Scrive’s solution, it became clear that there was a wealth of untapped potential in digitalising other processes including HR agreements. 

A+W considered many different partners to guide them in their digitalisation journey but eventually reached the conclusion that Scrive was the choice for them. 

A major factor was Scrive’s European focus, which gave A+W the confidence that the markets where the bulk of their customers reside were a priority of Scrive too. This takes into consideration local regulations, local support and awareness of market trends. 

Taking A+W’s complex agreements and streamlining the process of sending these out, removing the costly process of printing, folding and mailing them, was the first step in a larger digitalisation effort.

A+W’s HR department now uses Scrive for offer letters, employment contracts and commission/bonus agreements for their sales team as well. This has seen universally good feedback from everyone involved.

How it works


  • When a salesperson has identified the needs of a customer, they create a document explaining the modular setup of A+W’s solution in this instance.
  • In the past this had to be printed and folded manually before being mailed to the customer, waiting days if not weeks to get a response. Now, with Scrive’s help, this process has been digitalised and can be completed in a fraction of the time.
  • Once this proposal has been approved, a quote/contract is generated and sent digitally to the customer. 


  • When it comes time to agree on a commission or bonus structure for the sales team, HR sends this out digitally, which simplifies the process for everyone involved, while keeping it clear and secure.
  • Sending offer letters to new employees digitally has sped up the process and builds trust early in the relationship with new team members.



in administration and handling time of contracts.
Tens of thousands pages of paper saved

10 000+
pages of paper saved

"There’s enormous potential for digitalisation in Germany right now. Many businesses haven’t been ready for it in the past but digitalising paper processes and bringing e-identification to the market is something we desperately need."

Kai Frenzel, CFO at A+W Software

Speeding up their previously slow and manual contract process, while significantly reducing their usage of paper, implementing Scrive has been a wildly successful project for the team at A+W Software.

Digitalisation is always a big project for a business to take on, but A+W found that taking it step by step not only brings major benefits in the short term but also clarifies the path towards the future of an organisation’s digital transformation. If you’re looking for your next step towards the same, why not give our free trial a look?


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