Product news and updates: April 2020

Welcome to this month’s round-up of what’s new and different with Scrive and our offerings.

Business continuity plan

Due to Covid-19, Scrive has activated its Continuity Plan. See a quick overview of the measures we are taking to protect our employees, customers and partners during these exceptional times, and to ensure the quality and reliability of our service now and for the future.

Guardtime on EU Trust List

Scrive partner and service provider Guardtime’s KSI® Blockchain timestamping became the first blockchain-based trust service certified under the EU’s eIDAS framework. With Guardtime now listed as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, Scrive offers qualified timestamps for every signed document digitally sealed by Guardtime. 

Scrive joins Covid-19 rapid response initiatives

Scrive has joined Norrsken Foundation’s Action Against Corona initiative. The first two projects we are supporting are are both efforts to ensure secure food delivery for the elderly by identifying the “helpers” using electronic ID.

Mobile apps rebuilt with Flutter

We have rebuilt both our iOS and Android apps with Flutter, a framework that gives us agility to provide quicker updates.