Scrive eSign for Salesforce. New update 4.80.0

Although not as exciting as the (eventual) arrival of Santa nor something one will put under the tree, we have really looked forward to this December release.

As always, our Scrive Salesforce package can be downloaded via the Salesforce Appexchange and full Release Notes can be found here

Scrive Document Global
This new feature is has been designed especially for developers and the new global class is named ScriveDocumentGlobal.

The new class contains a bunch of variables representing Scrive Document and a lot of useful functions which can be used by developer to create and modify Scrive Documents from the Apex level. It allows the full flexibility in operating with Scrive Document.

Additional new features:

Scrive Document from URL
Added parameters allowing to set authentication methods to view and to sign for each document’s party.

Scrive Document Party mapping
From now on the Scrive Document Parties from Scrive Process Template (using Scrive Template as document source) are being mapped onto the ones from Scrive Template by their signing order.
The Document’s author is an exception – it is always mapped onto corresponding Scrive Template’s author.

Scrive Admin Panel fixes
If the process executed after clicking “Monitor Callback Status” button goes wrong, the email with error details is sent – but now it contains correctly calculated number of users that failed to accomplish monitoring process.

Users who are not System Administrators can now use Scrive Admin Panel correctly (However; only if they have “Scrive Administrator” checkbox checked).

And that’s that. A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!