Scrive partner Guardtime now on EU Trusted List

Estonia-based blockchain pioneer and long-time Scrive service provider Guardtime is now listed as a Qualified Trust Service Provider under the eIDAS regulation.

Guardtime’s KSI® Blockchain timestamping became the first blockchain-based trust service certified under the EU’s eIDAS framework, per last week’s announcement. The accreditation process, which involved a rigorous assessment of Guardtime and its technologies, was conducted by Germany-based TÜV Nord.

As Scrive’s partner since 2012, Guardtime protects the integrity of every document electronically signed with Scrive by applying a digital seal based on its enterprise-grade KSI Blockchain, of which timestamping is a critical component. This method of sealing is what allows Scrive’s customers, and anyone holding a document signed with Scrive, to independently verify that the document has not been tampered with or altered in any way. 

KSI Blockchain was first used by the Government of Estonia to secure its critical health, justice and business data and has since been deployed by some the world’s most demanding customers, including numerous governments and leading Fortune 500 companies in telecom, aerospace, defense, energy, financial services and insurance.

“We partnered with Guardtime back in 2012”, says Scrive CEO Viktor Wrede”, because we needed a way to produce a document that could be verified independently of any supplier for over 10 years. The blockchain-based solution from Guardtime in combination with Scrive’s Evidence Package was the only solution for this – and a perfect one. I’m very happy to see them receive this level of recognition for the service we have relied on for so long. It is well-deserved and hard-earned.”

“Guardtime’s importance for Scrive’s electronic signing service cannot be overstated”, Wrede goes on. “Our customers’ trust in us is based in part on our guarantee that they can always prove the integrity of their signed documents, even if Scrive and Guardtime no longer exist. From the day the document is signed, this verification method will be just as valid 10 years later, 100 years later, and beyond.”

For details on how Scrive’s service benefits from KSI Blockchain, see our articles on keyless security and sealing and verifying a Scrive document. To learn more about eIDAS, the EU regulation on electronic identification and Trust Services, visit the Scrive Trust Center.