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Din Bil

Din Bil’s service centers streamlined their account activation process for B2B customers with the Scrive Onboarding Portal.


Din Bil: Fast B2B onboarding

Din Bil Sverige AB is an automotive group representing Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Porsche, and Volkswagen Transport, with dealerships and service centers in the metropolitan regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


Setting up new invoicing customers

A common scenario at Din Bil’s service centers is a customer needing to pay by invoice, typically when bringing a company car in for service.

Setting up invoicing so the customer can drive away in their car or receive a new part was a manual process that involved the customer, the customer’s employer and multiple Din Bil departments. 

The shortest lead time to activate an invoice customer was one full working day, and could easily take days or even weeks.

Filling out and processing a paper form with the customer’s information was just the beginning. Also required: company information for the customer’s employer, including verification of the party authorised to act on their behalf, and a credit request and assessment. Approvals and signatures are needed from multiple parties, requiring numerous manual steps which could include phone calls, emails and even sending documents by post.

Another issue was the credit assessment process, which was imprecise and unreliable, as it offered few credit limit options: SEK 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000. And it wasn’t necessarily clear to the company signer who in their staff had applied for the credit.

Din Bil needed a new onboarding process. They were looking for a way to activate new invoicing customers much faster, a process to increase customer satisfaction while minimising admin touch. And they needed better quality assurance both for the credit assessment process, and for ensuring that the right person and the right number of people sign the agreement.


Self-service portal

Din Bil saw Scrive’s Onboarding Portal as a solution to automate these steps and improve quality in a single, 100% digital process.

The entire workflow is managed within the context of the portal. Scrive’s automated process builds the digital agreement in real time and delivers the signed contract with minimal touch for all parties involved: Din Bil’s admin staff, the customer and the customer’s employers.

How it works

  • To start the process, the customer only needs to enter their personal information, their company registration number and a credit limit request. The Scrive workflow engine fetches all the company information, including the names of the authorised signing parties, from a business registry.
  • The customer can choose a credit limit from a drop-down menu with choices ranging from SEK 10,000 to 50,000, in 5,000 intervals. They can also select which of their employer’s authorised signing parties should receive the agreement for sign-off.
  • An automated registry lookup checks the requested credit limit against the company’s credit rating.
  • Next, the Onboarding Portal generates the e-contract and launches the e-signing workflow. All signing parties receive an email or SMS invitation to sign the agreement, which they can do from anywhere, on any device.
  • When all parties have signed, the completed agreement is digitally sealed to protect it against any tampering or alteration and automatically archived. A detailed event log is saved with the agreement to serve as evidence of a legally-binding signing process.

The Scrive Onboarding Portal met all of Din Bil’s goals for a fast and secure process involving the bare minimum of clicks and manual entry. It provides a faster response to the customer, a more reliable credit assessment process, a way for the company signer to know who in their staff applied for the credit, and the ability to sign the agreement at any time, on site or remotely.



Din Bil can now activate a new invoice customer in just 30 minutes. The shortest lead time with the old process was 1 full working day, and could take weeks.

Less admin

The Scrive process eliminates most manual admin steps and involves fewer Din Bil departments.

“Scrive delivered just what we wanted: a simple, secure solution that shortens lead times and minimises button clicks and manual entry. In some cases, the credit is posted in just 15 minutes. Our customers are more satisfied, and the process is much easier for us.”

Henrik Åding Reskontrachef at Din Bil

Customer satisfaction, less admin

Din Bil can now activate a new invoice customer in just 30 minutes. The shortest lead time with the old process was one full working day, but it often took days or even weeks.

Customer satisfaction is up, and the number of admin steps has been dramatically reduced. The Din Bil manager can now hand the car over to the customer without having to wait for accounting staff to manually approve the credit. And because the Scrive process requires fewer signatures on Din Bil’s side, one less department needs to be involved. All documents are now stored digitally, further simplifying the work of admin staff.


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