Scrive for Make (formerly Integromat)

Connect Scrive eSign to your other business apps and eliminate repetitive manual tasks




Make (formerly Integromat) is a powerful Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) that makes it easy to automate workflows by connecting the apps you use every day. No coding is required to build simple and complex scenarios that move data between your apps, with an event in one app acting as a trigger for an action in another. Make supports 1000+ apps and is continuously adding new ones.

Scrive for Make

Make is an easy way to connect Scrive eSign to your other business apps and eliminate repetitive manual tasks. For example, automatically start a signing process when information is created in another app, such as when a new response is added to a form. Or automatically send a signed document to a folder in a cloud storage app. To help you get started, a number of pre-built Scrive integrations are available for free on the Make site.

Visualise, design, automate

Make’s visual builder lets you drag and drop your apps to create workflows in minutes. See right away how data moves across your apps so you don’t have to guess. To give you a head start, Make provides 5000+ free workflow templates for typical automation tasks. You can use the templates as-is, or customise them to fit your needs. Browse all templates.

API connections

New apps are being added every day, but if you don’t find the one you want to connect to, Make provides neutral apps such as HTTP which you can use to call any URL address. In combination with integrated support for OAuth 2 authorisation and the JSON app, you can communicate with a vast majority of modern APIs – without writing a single line of code.


Try it out or learn more

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