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About Scrive

A trust service provider since 2010, we bring a wealth of technical and legal expertise together with a culture of continuous innovation. Our easy-to-use solutions are built for security, compliance and customer experience.

E-signing – Manage and complete agreements digitally, from one workspace. Sign on any device.

Authentication – Onboarding, secure login, identity verification/KYC, document signing. 12 eIDs, with global coverage.

Partner with Scrive Growth

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We invest in our partners through co-marketing activities, co-selling and our winning support service. Because your success is our success.

Faster time to market

Integrating Scrive solutions is a quick and smooth journey with easy-to-use APIs and an expert support team to guide you.

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Extend your reach and expand your customer base together with us as we continue our rapid scale-up into new markets.

Partnership opportunities

We are dedicated to growing with you – in the way that suits you. To talk further about partnership opportunities, please contact our Partner Team and we’ll get back to you.

Enhance your solution

Enrich your offering by integrating Scrive e-sign functionality into your service. Resell directly or refer customers to Scrive. You get rewarded either way.

Advise your customer

As a specialist in your sector, with expertise in e-signing and authentication, you advise customers and share your leads with us. You get rewarded for every lead that converts into a sale.

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Scrive partner directory

We’ve partnered with a number of leading players across various industries. Whether you’re looking for IT service consulting or a new CRM system, our partners will get you there!


Partner with us

Greater results is why collaboration continues to be a key element of Scrive’s success. Partner with us.