BankID is Norway’s most widely-used method of electronic identification. 4.3 million Norwegians use BankID today, as well as all of Norway’s banks, digital public services and a growing number of companies in a variety of industries.

Norwegian BankID

Electronic identification in Norway

The first BankIDs were issued in 2004 and are now available from every Norwegian bank. The minimum age for obtaining BankID is 15 or 13, depending on your bank. BankID meets the official requirements for identity verification and electronic signature, making it a simple and secure way to verify identity online. You can use BankID for online banking, accessing public services, making online purchases and numerous other scenarios, including signing agreements. To obtain your BankID, you need to verify your identity with your bank.

How to use BankID

You can choose to use BankID either with a code snippet or app, or on your mobile. In the case of a code snippet or app, you identify with your social security number, your password and a one-time code or with biometrics. If you choose to use a one-time code your bank will provide you with a means to generate the code but in the case of biometrics you can choose to use your thumbprint or your face. With BankID on your mobile phone, you sign in with your mobile number, date of birth and PIN or biometric verification.

For businesses and organisations

BankID can be used by any business or organisation requiring secure and simple online identification, such as for secure transactions, easy onboarding of new customers and signing contracts. BankID makes things easier for you and your customers, eliminating the need for in-person meetings or sending documents by mail. You can achieve highest level of assurance (according to eIDAS) with BankID, the cost of which has been lowered, along with the time it takes, with the addition of biometric verification.

Scrive’s offering

There are two ways to use BankID through Scrive: the eID Hub and the eSign service.

eID Hub

The Scrive eID Hub is an API for businesses and organizations to integrate identity verification and authentication into their systems. Signing one contract with Scrive gives you access not only to BankID but all the eIDs in the eID Hub. Rather than making a separate agreement with each eID provider you want to integrate, eID Hub gives you an easier, quicker and more efficient way to implement new eIDs in your systems as needed.

eID Hub is built with simplicity, scalability, security and integration in mind, providing a single point of access to secure transactions. This means businesses can simplify their digital identity journey for all their markets, enabling identity checks, customer onboarding, KYC compliance, secure sign-in and any other authentication needs.

Scrive provides eID coverage across the Nordics and a growing number of European countries, adding new eID solutions as they reach maturity.


BankID, along with all the eIDs in the eID Hub, is also available within eSign, Scrive’s electronic signature service. eSign enables businesses to digitalise and automate their agreement signing processes. Send, sign and manage your documents on any device, wherever you and your customers and partners are. The eID options in eSign increase the security of agreements workflows by enabling you to require the parties signing your documents to identify themselves with BankID before accessing or signing them.

Note that for the moment, biometric verification is only available in eID Hub but is coming soon to eSign.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get BankID?

Contact your bank. Every bank in Norway issues BankID.

How do I use BankID?

You can use BankID either with your mobile phone or a code snippet/app that will be provided to you by your bank.

Is BankID safe?

BankID fulfils all requirements that apply to electronic identity verification and signature, offering the highest level of assurance according to eIDAS.

How can Scrive help me with BankID?

If you’re a business, Scrive can guide you through the process of integrating BankID into your own systems. Scrive also offers BankID in the eSign service so you can authenticate the parties who sign your documents.

Can I use biometrics in BankID?

Yes! A late-2022 update allowed for the use of face or thumbprint scanning for verification, cutting the verification time by up to 80%!

What does the addition of biometrics mean for businesses using BankID?

Not only has the addition of biometrics lowered the cost of the highest level of assurance (according to eIDAS) but it also cuts the time it takes by up to 80%! Security and compliance without sacrificing customer experience.

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