iDIN is a digital identity service offered by Dutch banks that allows individuals to use a single identification method to interact online with a wide variety of organisations.


One login for many sites

iDIN provides a simple, secure method for performing numerous online actions, including logging in, ID verification, data sharing, signing documents and showing proof of age. iDIN is issued by banks to account holders. When interacting with any online service that offers iDIN, you can use the same method for all of them: logging in to your online banking. This means you don’t have to remember usernames and passwords, fill out forms manually or identify yourself some other way.

How it works

Whenever an online service requests you to log in securely, prove your identity, fill out a form, sign a document electronically or confirm your age, you select iDIN as your method. Then you select your bank from a list and are directed to the iDIN page of your bank, where you log in as you normally would. Next, you are asked to confirm the action you are trying to complete. For example, if you are taking out an insurance contract online, you are presented with the personal data the insurance company is requesting. If you agree, then the data the bank is providing, and only that data, will be used to pre-fill the contract on the insurance company site.

Business benefits

Businesses who need to know who their customers are can be certain of the identity of someone using iDIN because that person has already provided the necessary proof of identity when they opened their bank account. Because iDIN makes it easy to share personal data with a business, the customer journey is much better. Customers are much less likely to abandon a sign-up process if they can fill in their data with a few clicks, and the risk of entering incorrect data is eliminated. To protect against fraud, businesses benefit from the fraud monitoring procedures of banks.

eID Hub

Scrive’s iDIN offerings

If you want to offer iDIN on your organisation’s website, contact Scrive to learn about eID Hub, our digital identity platform. Scrive can guide you through your integration, and once you have access to the eID Hub, you can implement any of the other many eIDs we support.

Scrive also offers iDIN in our electronic signature service, eSign. iDIN is already fully integrated into eSign, so when users are sending a document for a signature, they can select iDIN as the authentication method. This means that the signing party must prove their identity before they can access and/or sign the document.

Frequently asked questions

What is iDIN?

iDIN is a digital identity service that allows private individuals to use their online banking login method to interact online with a wide variety of other businesses and organisations.

Who can get iDIN?

In general, anyone with an account at a Dutch bank that offers iDIN as a login method for online banking. iDIN can only be used by natural persons, not companies.

How do I use iDIN?

When a website offers iDIN as a method, you choose your bank from a list and are then directed to log in to your online banking. From there, you review and approve the transaction being requested by the other site.

How secure is iDIN?

iDIN is just as secure as online banking, as it uses the same security techniques. iDIN complies with GDPR and offers an assurance level of Substantial according to the eIDAS Regulation.

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