Launched in 2017, itsme® (also known as Belgian Mobile ID) is a smartphone-based eID that provides a secure and convenient way to identify yourself, share your ID data, log in to apps and websites and sign documents.

itsme®: Belgian Mobile ID

Digital ID for Belgium and the Netherlands

Use itsme® to log into your online banking and confirm payments, get access to public services, sign documents, create online accounts, log in safely to your internet of things and confirm orders – all without the hassle of creating and remembering usernames and passwords. The number of websites and apps accepting itsme® already covers a variety of services and keeps growing.

Getting started with itsme®

To get started, first download the itsme® app. In Belgium, you can use your eID or bank card (with your card reader) to create your account. In the Netherlands, you can use your eID or passport. On the itsme® website you have to create an identification token to start the sign-up process. The app will guide you through a number of security steps until you are able to choose your personal 5-digit itsme® code. This will be the code you use for any future logins through itsme®.

Itsme® for business

Itsme® helps businesses provide a better experience to their Belgian and Dutch customers. Make it easy to log in, approve transactions and sign documents. Improve KYC processes and streamline onboarding processes by giving your customers the convenience of using their itsme® eID to share their data quickly and securely. Reduce abandonment rates by ensuring data completeness and accuracy the first time.


itsme® is ISO27001 certified and conforms with Belgian laws and EU laws regarding digital identity, e-signatures and data sharing, including eIDAS and GDPR. Data is always encrypted when stored or communicated with itsme® partners.

Scrive and itsme®

Scrive offers itsme® through the eID Hub API and as an integrated feature in the eSign electronic signature platform.

itsme in eID Hub

eID Hub is Scrive’s API for enabling businesses to integrate itsme® and other identity methods into their systems and services. eID Hub is a single point of access that helps you simplify your digital identity offerings for all your markets. By signing a contract with Scrive, you get access to all the eIDs in the eID Hub so you don’t have to sign separate agreements with the suppliers of all the eIDs you want to offer.

itsme in eSign

Add an extra layer of security when signing documents through Scrive’s eSign platform by making sure that only authorised parties can access and sign your documents. When preparing a document for signing, you can set workflow options to require the signatories to authenticate themselves using itsme or any of the other identity services Scrive offers in the eID Hub.

Frequently asked questions

What is itsme®?

itsme® is a Belgian eID for accessing services and signing official documents online.

In which countries can I use itsme®?

itsme® can be used in Belgium and the Netherlands.

How do I use itsme®?

During the registration process, you have to set up a unique 5-digit code. This code and the app are the only things you’ll need to prove your identity or sign documents. Depending on your smartphone, you can also set up fingerprint and face ID.

Is itsme® safe?

itsme® conforms with eIDAS and GDPR, as well as Belgian laws.

Can I use itsme® for my business?

Yes. Organisations and businesses who already offer itsme® in their own systems and services span industries including banking, insurance, e-commerce, e-health and travel.

How can Scrive help me with itsme®?

Scrive supports itsme® in the Scrive eID Hub, an API for integrating itsme® and other eIDs into your digital offerings.

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