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A new era for eID in Denmark starts in May 2021

As a certified MitID broker, Scrive can support you in providing your customers with a superior, secure customer experience.

After a decade of using NemID, Denmark is replacing it with MitID, renewing the infrastructure as well as offering additional security and usability. MitID was developed in collaboration between the public and private sector and will come out in May 2021.

The first thing to mention is that there is a transition period from the launch of MitID in May till the end of 2021. We recommend that everyone should choose a MitID broker before the launch. During this transition period you will be required to support both MitID and NemID.
Finding the right broker to partner with can prove challenging depending on your needs so we’d definitely recommend starting to explore options sooner rather than later.

Security level

Differences between NemID and MitID

Apart from the need for a broker partnership, what are some of the other differences?

One of the big ones is in the Levels of Assurance (LoA) as set out in the eIDAS regulation. There are three levels of assurance when it comes to electronic identification:

  • Low
  • Substantial
  • High

In the “low” level a user is only required to authenticate using a password or MitID chip.

The “substantial” level takes security up a notch, requiring a two-factor authentication combination, for example password and code display or, alternatively the MitID app.

The “high” level then requires a two-factor authentication combination of a more advanced nature. As an example, this could be utilising an app + chip combination using MitID.

Whereas NemID is only capable of delivering the substantial tier, MitID offers you the option to choose any of the three. This means that you’ve got the freedom to choose where in your business you want more, or less, security in your identity verification. All of this will help you cater to both your customer needs and your industry requirements, all within one eID.


eSign Online

This also relates to e-signature. The identity of the signing party is one of the three main factors that makes an electronic signature legally binding, along with intent and integrity. 

This means that when your signing party identifies themselves using a recognised eID, like MitID, this will satisfy one of the main requirements for an electronic signature on the advanced level.

Although transitioning end-users from NemID to MitID in general is the responsibility of the banks and the government, businesses will need to prepare to ensure their systems are set up for success. The right broker and digitalisation partner can prove invaluable in these matters.

As a certified MitID broker, Scrive offers the opportunity to work with not only MitID but also eIDs from all over Europe, both national ones as well as independent ones like Onfido. This is possible within both the eID hub and our e-signature solutions. So if you’re looking for a solution for all your eID needs, reach out and let’s work together towards your future growth.