MitID is the next generation of NemID, the most widely-used form of digital identity in Denmark since 2010. All NemID users will migrate to MitID during 2021-22.


The new eID for Denmark

MitID can be used for all the same scenarios where NemID has been used, including online banking, e-commerce and accessing public services.

Launched in 2021, MitID was developed by the Danish Authority for Digitisation and Finans Danmark, an organisation representing Danish banks, to address the newest security requirements.

For users, MitID is very similar to NemID. You need an authenticator to provide a method of two-factor authentication after logging in with your user ID and password. This will typically be the MitID app for smartphones and tablets, which generates the one-time use codes you need to authenticate yourself.

Alternatively, you can use a hardware device to generate your codes, either the MitID code display or audio code reader. A third hardware method is the MitID chip, which offers convenience to people who need to use MitID several times a day, such as for work. The chip can connect to your device via USB, Bluetooth or NFC.

As a security improvement, MitID discontinues the use of the NemID code cards, which are too easily copied and abused.

MitID for service providers

To offer MitID in your services for your customers and users, you need to sign a contract with a certified MitID broker, such as Scrive. A broker acts as an intermediary between the service provider (like a public authority, bank or pension provider) and the MitID service. Only a broker can allow a service provider to authenticate its users, so to enhance security, MitID has only certified a limited number of brokers.

Still looking for a MitID-broker?

As simple as that

These are the 4 simple steps in the migration period:

  1. Contact Scrive to get an offer and information about what you must do to have a smooth and functional eID solution through Scrive. 
  2. Sign the contract, making Scrive your MitID broker and we will get you onboarded.
  3. Once you’re set up, Scrive will give you access to a pre-production MitID environment.
  4. You will make your final adjustments for setting MitID as eID provider

Please be aware of following changes when transitioning to MitID:

  • MitID can’t run in iframe and MitID cannot be used without the eID Hub frontend. If using iframe, you must change the integration.
  • There might be some security requirements from MitID that requires other integration changes. Please contact Scrive for any questions.  

Developer? Please see our eID API Doc.

See the UX design requirements for service providers.

Contact Scrive if questions to above.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use MitID?

It works very much like NemID. In addition to your user ID and password, you need an authenticator to generate the one-time use codes. This could be the MitID app (for smartphones and tablets) or one of the hardware options MitID offers.

How can Scrive help me to migrate from NemID to MitID?

As a certified MitID broker, Scrive can guide you in the integration of MitID into your systems. During the transition period, you will be able to support both NemID and MitID.

Why was NemID replaced by MitID?

Mainly to address new security requirements.

When will I have to change to MitID?

As of the 31st of October 2022, you can no longer use your NemID to log into online banking and you can no longer get your MitID set up via your bank. You now have the option of doing so at, by scanning your passport in the MitID app or by visiting Borgerservice. NemID will be fully shut down on the 30th of June 2023. 

When will NemID be fully shut down?

NemID will be fully shut down on the 30th of June 2023.

How do I get MitID?

Whereas previously you could get MitID via your bank, this is no longer possible. Now you have the option of doing so at, by scanning your passport in the MitID app or by visiting Borgerservice.

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